Thursday, January 24, 2008

Fairy Time!

I really love when I'm out somewhere and someone stops me to tell me that they read my blog. Or when they IM me to tell me that. I especially love when they pass on tips to me! Today Trinity Outlander IMed me and dropped a landmark on me to the Fancy Fairy store where there was a free fairy outfit! I'd never heard of this store before, but if the other outfits are as beautiful as this one, then that is a real treat.

I don't wear a lot of costumes in SL just because I don't really go anywhere that requires one. But I think I might just start being a fairy once in a while, just for fun! After I put this beauty on, I fluttered my wings and headed to Straylight, because I know that I have seen other fairies there and because it's a very beautiful sim. I didn't run into any other fairies, but I did have fun!

Love my wings!

Taking a break


I'm going to splash down!

Rainbow faerie

You can't see it in the pictures, but the corset is really nicely detailed in the back. I really love this outfit! It also came with a skin and a shape, but I didn't like either, so I'm just wearing my usuals.

Trinity also passed on a landmark to the Black Swan to me, and that's going to be my next exploration today. She told me not to be scared of the light, IF I make it through the sim. That sounds a bit ominous!

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