Wednesday, January 23, 2008


Just a few questions while I wait for lunch.

Why... do I constantly see women shopping in full formal gowns? To me this is a lot stranger than the women who shop in their underwear. Save the dress for the castle, Princess. You're just at Gurl 6.

Why... do people not learn how to sync the dance balls? It's /1 sync on most balls, or just get up and resit. Watching you and your partner do the ballroom dance where he twirls around with his arms in the air and 3 seconds later you're floating around his head is entertaining, but wrong.

Why... don't shoemakers all provide demos of their products? Would you go into a real world store and buy a $500 pair of shoes without trying them on to make sure they fit?

Why... do people go into a crowded area and just start walking before anything or anyone rezzes? If you're in any of the freebie groups, you know that 15 people from the group are going to appear at a place 10 seconds after the landmark is given. Teleport in and walk just a couple of steps to the side. Then wait.

Why... does anyone really think that those attachments that explode your avatar in a huge shower of particles when you enter or leave a place is a good idea? [I've mostly seen this on men.]

Why... isn't my pizza here yet?!


Anonymous said...

Let me add a few more:

Why do people complain about not being able to meet people and then have *nothing* written in their profiles?

Who do men constantly appear with no shirts on?

Why doesn't every menswear shop have a woman standing at the door who will tell you if you outfit looks okay?

Last but not least, my holy grail of favorite issues: why would anyone have a name like Fred456 ?
Second Life is *not* AOL! GO back and choose a name that reads like a name!!

mmmm pizza

Alicia Chenaux said...

Oh my gosh, yes! Why DO men show up in random places without shirts? On the beach? Fine. In the middle of ETD? Not so much. And I TOTALLY agree about the names.

By the way, if you need someone to tell you if an outfit looks ok, call me. I love to tell people if they look bad. :)

Wrath Paine said...

mmMmm particles... I mean, pizza... Wait, you didn't save us a slice, did you? Figures.

I think your New Year's Resolution for 2008 should be to make it your task to correct everything on that list. Start calling people out on those items - maybe a few hundred constructive IM's spread around SL might clear a few things up for us all.

Thanks in advance, Alicia! ;-)

(/runs off to find his shirt...)

Daman Tenk said...

"Why... do people not learn how to sync the dance balls?"

The problem with dances is that due to lag and other technical problems, they might look synced to the people dancing, but not to others. At times I've had that it didn't look synced to me, that I used /1 sync, but then when it looked synced to me my partner suddenly complained it was no longer synced for her.

So I don't think this is a flaw of people (not always anyway), it's a flaw of the system too in many cases

"explode your avatar in a huge shower of particles when you enter or leave a place is a good idea? [I've mostly seen this on men.]"

I've only seen it on women. Usually in cute poofers like flowers or butterflies or fairies or hearts or hello kitties. Though I bet that when poofers with NFL team logos become freely available for all, I'll see more men using them too :P

Sidonie said...

Casius and Alicia - item one - I have no idea why they do that, obviously the idea of a profile has not really sunk in!

Alicia, the dance ball sync has frequently caused a quandary for me. For one thing, the sync has been disabled in some places for a reason which escapes me. For another, my dance partner of last evening and I hypothesized it has something to do with relative bandwidth. As in, his and mine were not the same and therefore the animation was loading for each of us at a different rate which caused a sync problem.

And three, yes, Daman's right. Sometimes, it just depends on the viewer. ;)

Alicia Chenaux said...

Wrath - I got your slice right here. :-p And I should just start running around finding crazy looking people and IMing them to find out why they do what they do.

Daman - I didn't realize that about the dance balls. People should still, once in a while, just go ahead and resync. Just because. :) And obviously you haven't been around these men who explode in huge flashes of light. :-p

Alicia Chenaux said...

Sidonie - Yeah, I hadn't really thought that it was different on everyone's screen. When I go dancing, if I see people out of sync, I just resync them if I can. As long as I see it right... LOL

And yes yes yes, people need to fill out profiles! And change them every so often, because some of us read profiles a lot.

CeNedra said...

If you find answers to those questions Ali let me know because I have a long unresolved question maybe you can solve ... Why do people send friend invites if they haven't even talked to you? That's my #1 pet peeve in SL I swear.

And men with no shirts? WHERE? :P

T said...

The problem with danceballs is that the animations are generated on the client, and thus heavily affected by lag. It could be in sync for you, but I showed up in the middle of the cycle to watch - and it's out for me. Craig Altman of Bits and Bobs (that dance was likely his animation, all the best ones are :)) has a detailed explanation on his blog somewhere. And not all dances are syncable in the first place. Some (older versions) just don't have that functionality.

T said...

Oh, and I think I know about women in gowns and men with no shirts. It's IMAGE, dahling. :)