Thursday, January 3, 2008

Explorer Alicia!

Since I don't think anyone's reading this anyway, I'm not gonna say I'm sorry for not posting.

Two days ago I was hanging out at my "home" in Isabel (The Isabel Infohub - aka a homeless shelter for those of us without homes) and I was just sitting on my favorite bench when I realized this was a really great place to meet people. I had a great conversation with a couple of guys and ended up going exploring with one of them.

We have been all over the place. He knows a lot of cool places since he's been in world for a while. I'm pretty shocked at how people can build all these amazing things! The best part is that all the places we go, it's free to just walk around and explore.

Speaking of exploring, I was at some store collecting freebies, and SL began having problems. I couldn't teleport anywhere at all, or search, or basically do anything except walk. So that's exactly what I did. I left the store, got on the road, and just hoofed it through 4 sims. It was very interesting and even though most of what I saw was junk, some of what I saw was very cool. I saw someone's art gallery, and another person had set up a very nice floral garden. I didn't wander into anyone's home, though. That would just be tacky.

Alicia's Tip Of The Day: Don't be afraid to just walk. You will see a lot of the SL world if you walk than if you just teleport from place to place. You might even meet some great people, too.

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