Sunday, January 27, 2008

A little bit of fashion..and a victim of it.

The sim where I live has opened up a sandbox! I am so excited about that because now I can just walk over when I get the urge to build. I was in there today working on my newest bed [the pillows on it, anyway] when these two women came ripping through on various vehicles. Immediately I knew what must be done. One of the women was what we will now refer to as an EFV - An Extreme Fashion Victim.

Fashion Victim

Let's start with the skin. This skin I've seen a lot in SL for some reason. It looks like it's supposed to have oil on it. Why you'd want to be an oil slick when you're riding your bicycle [which is what she's doing], I don't know. But this skin is just bad. The "oil" streaks look like she took a piece of sidewalk chalk and just drew lines on herself. Actually, I think this is a slightly better version of another oily face skin I've seen on women. I want to pin them down and shove a nice skin on them when I see them, but I'd probably just slide off.

I won't talk about the hair because that's a personal preference on if you like hair such as the ones from Bewitched, or if you don't. I pretty much don't, although I do like the flexiness of it.

The dress itself wasn't too terrible, except that it was much too short for her since she had the obligatory "supermodel" shape. She paired it up with thigh high fishnets. Also another thing you want to wear on a bike trip.

But the most glaring thing here is that she chose to wear her nipple rings and belly button ring on the outside of her dress. In what world do you wear your piercings on the outside of your clothing? I see a lot of women with the belly button ring on the outside of their pants, but I like to think that maybe they just forgot. If you are wearing black and you have three piercings outside of the dress, that is not something that you just forgot to take off.

If you see this EFV walking around, please help her. I'd have done it, but I was building.

So going into better fashion, tonight those of us in the Pixeldolls group got a try-on dress dropped on us. I didn't like it. I thought the skirt wasn't very figure friendly to those with smaller avatars, and probably not very good for those with bigger avatars. I tried modifying it, but it just didn't modify very well. I could probably create my own belt for it, and that would probably help a lot. I was about to delete it when I realized that I liked the top of it, and because the top & bottom are both on the underpants/undershirt layers, it was a "tuckable" shirt.

Thrown together

I paired it up with one of the free corset belts that was in a Pixeldolls group gift, and some pants that were part of a free outfit that I didn't really like enough to wear a lot, but liked enough to not delete it. Instant nice outfit! So those of you who are big freebie shoppers like me, look at your finds piece by piece. You probably have a ton more separates than you know.

[By the way, I'll give one shiny $L to whoever can tell me what is wrong with me in this picture. I didn't notice it until I put the picture in Flickr and by that time I was already logged out of SL.]

I'm off to bed, because I told someone that I wouldn't stay up too late. :)

Oh, since I haven't done one in a while...

Alicia's Tip Of The Day: Don't be afraid to mix designers! You don't have to wear a whole outfit just because that's how you got it. Create your own style! Just make sure your piercings aren't on top of your clothes.

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Sidonie said...

Uh, I don't actually see anything wrong with you unless it's those metal whatsits on your hand?

Um, and those skins, yeah. Someone I met when I first started tried to talk me into those. I think an oil layer sometimes over your skin can be kind of sexy (I like the LIGHT version from Nyoko) but what woman where is all made up and has that much oil on her face still. Yucko.

I haven't tried the Pixel Dolls stuff, now I'm gonna have to. I'm exploring camping for clothes ;)