Saturday, January 26, 2008

Skipping Around The Topic List

Just a random question, but what is wrong with the bottom of a lot of shirts?

Whats with the bellybutton?

I understand that this is an attempt to show that I have a belly button, but what the heck? It kind of ruins an otherwise lovely shirt. I have seen this on a lot of people, too, so I'm assuming that the designers are all working off the same template?

Lately I've been running into, and getting IMs from, women who are also petite. There are more of us out there than I thought! But then, just when I stop thinking I'm so small, I tp in next to a woman like this.

Hey, I'm still short! LOL

I was this close to asking her what her height was set on. But I didn't, because basically I'm chickenshit.

Primtionary was fun tonight! Great words, and I even got to build! I had to make candy. I think I'm almost - ALMOST - ready to start asking for the hard level. Maybe a few more games first, though. I'm more confident in my building skills than in my vocabulary skills!

Cen and I went to this little place tonight and got a bunch of free funny shirts. My favorites would be "Will Work For Shoes" and "Under House Arrest - You Never Saw Me Here." I have a landmark for the place so I'll post the SLurl tomorrow or you can IM me in world and I'll pass it to you if you want to go out and pick up shirts. They're not super high quality but who can't use some funny casual t-shirts? We put on shirts and jeans and headed off to this virtual reality room. It's kind of strange because it's... Well, just look at this picture of us.

Coffee in the park

It's real and we're fake and yet we're real people behind avatars and . . . oh, this is making my head hurt.

Don't worry, that guy behind us didn't try to jack us or anything. He didn't even talk to us.

I have a secret. Do you want to hear it?

Ok, come closer.

You can't tell anyone.

I'm going to whisper it very quietly in your ear.

I have a crush on someone.



CeNedra said...

Hey Aliica,
What is it with you and guys with no shirt? I only (and always) run into them when I'm with you.

Of the shirts we picked up last night, my favs are "I'm not bossy I just have better ideas than you" or "I'm not fluent in idiot so speak slowly".

Sidonie said...

lol, my thing is, why can't shirts have the little underwear part so it looks like the shirt is tucked in? Who decided tucked in shirts were bad? Then you can wear a sweater over? I'm just i don't know!

Alicia Chenaux said...

Cen, that's a very good question. LOL I always end up seeing some guy without his shirt when I go out. It's the weirdest thing!

Sidonie - I think if all our pants weren't so super low, our shirts may have a chance of being tucked in. LOL But an underwear layer to make the shirt tucked would be GREAT!