Saturday, January 19, 2008

Random Night

I did a few random things tonight.

I headed out to Governor Linden's mansion and checked out the history stuff in the basement. Kind of interesting to see how things have evolved. I know everyone complains about SL, but it's amazing to me this world we've been handed. Someone had to dream it, someone had to fund it, and even if it's laggy or crashy or the rules aren't set in stone, we've been given this amazing creation and we're still in the very beginning stages. When I looked at the pictures and the maps of the first year, I wonder if those first Lindens and first SL citizens even imagined that they'd have things like windlight, voice chat, and such beautiful avatars wandering around eventually. It's really mindboggling if you think about it.

So after my walk around the basement, I headed to the sim of Da Boom, which was the very first sim in SL. There's not a whole lot out there now, some random stuff, but that made it almost lag free, which was nice. There is a volcano out there and you can go in it and there's some little lessons about volcanos on boards.


While I was exploring there, I was talking to a real world friend of mine on messenger, and he asked to see my avatar. I think he's getting more and more curious about this new world that I'm in. I ran off to take a picture.

Devil Girl

I know, I have loads of pics I could have shown but when do I get a chance to put this costume on?

I finally decided that I needed to fix my bed, and spent a little time maneuvering the bed I got for free into the bedframe of my old bed so that it wouldn't be 2 inches off of the floor. It was REALLY that low. But now it's up and I'm happy with not having to find poseballs for the bed I had made before.


Speaking of bedtime, it's time for mine. But before I go, I leave you with this little tip. If you need to try on demo skins, either wear a bikini, or find somewhere private. Don't just drop your clothes in the middle of an outdoor mall. It's just not good for anyone.


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