Thursday, January 17, 2008

What would it take?

There seem to be people who believe that the fact that I haven't hopped on a sex ball in SL should make me feel like jumping off a bridge.

Don't jump!

The truth is, it doesn't. I'm not against SL sex, really! If others want to go around having random sex with random people in SL, that is totally cool. You should do what you want. But for me, I have chosen to not go that way. It's inevitable that I will eventually end up in bed with someone, but I'm not running around looking for it.

So what would it take to get my little avatar in bed? Well, I'm beginning to think it'll take someone actually pursuing an in-world relationship with me. And yeah, I'm picky. I love making new friends, and I'll talk to anyone, but it's going to take someone extremely special to be my SL boyfriend. If you're interested [and I know most men probably took off after I said I wasn't into random sex] here is a little list I have of things I want in a man.

1. I want someone who looks nice. Taller than me [that's not hard], at least somewhat buff, with nice skin. Good hair helps, or just be bald. I've spent time making myself cute, so it would be good if the guy has spent a little time on themselves too.

2. Have more than 2 outfits. Please. :)

3. I work in a club, so it would be great if you like to go out to clubs so you could be with me once in a while when I'm hostessing. I don't demand you be there every time I'm working, but sometimes it's cool. And you have to like to dance while you're there with me. In other words, like to have FUN!

4. I kind of prefer if you're not a stripper. Not that there's anything wrong with that line of work in SL, and it's not a deal breaker if you ARE, but don't be totally into it to the point of you working constantly. If you are one, and I'm with you while you work, you have to still give me attention.

5. It's nice if you have some money, either from buying it or working for it. I'm not looking for a sugar daddy at all, but it's great if you can buy me surprise gifts once in a while.

6. Don't be crazy dominant, but I do like a man who can lead. When you ask me out, have a plan. Know where we're going. Don't ask me to go out, and then say that we'll go wherever I want. I'm usually hunting freebies or in the sandbox building, if I'm not hostessing, so if YOU are asking me out, YOU need to have an idea of where we're going. If you just want to spend time with me, and don't feel like going out out, then let me know. We can chill somewhere else. Not every moment has to be non-stop. :) I like hanging out at home too.

7. No consistent textspeak. "U" is not "You." LOL and OMG are fine. But I like words to be spelled out. It helps if you know how to emote as well.

8. Be interested in talking to me about a lot of things. I know that sounds simple, but you'd be surprised how many people don't want to talk about anything other than sex. Not cool.

9. Have some kind of skill. I'm learning to build, so if you're a builder, that would be great because we could talk about it or you could show me things, or I could show you things. But any skill is good - building, scripting, DJing, designing, etc. Even writing [like blogs] or being a great club host are good skills. Just SOMETHING. I don't want someone who just logs in and does nothing.

10. Have your own life in SL. I don't expect you to spend every moment you're logged in with me, and you shouldn't expect that of me either. I don't have a whole bunch of friends in-world, but the ones I have are precious to me, and I need to be able to spend time with them. I want you to get to know my friends, and I want to know yours, but respecting each others' independence is necessary. :)

11. Last one: Be active in SL and keep near the same hours as me. You don't have to log hours and hours but don't be the kind of guy who only logs in 2 or 3 times a week. If your hours are completely opposite of mine, that won't work either.

Maybe I'm just picky. But why shouldn't I be? Why shouldn't any woman be picky? Men should be picky too.

Until my dream man comes along, I guess I'll just keep having fun and wearing my v-card proudly. :)



myg said...

you go girl! no settling!

Wrath Paine said...

OMG, I can so totally log in more than 2- 3 hours a week - sweet!

Yep, things are looking good for me.

Alicia Chenaux said...

Hehe, no, definitely no settling.

And do realize eventually we're going to have to meet, right?

CeNedra R said...

OMG people have sex in SL?
Heh heh.

I only see one problem with posting your V-tag on your profile and discussing your virginity here my girl, once it's gone, we'll ALL know about it ;-)

Wait a minute - lightbulb moment - If I start a virginity pool and start taking bets...I could make some Lindens... I'll split it with you if you give me the inside scoop and we'll go shopping.


Alicia Chenaux said...

OMG. LOL!! I think I have to add something to my list. My perfect guy can't mind that I blog, because you know I can't keep my mouth shut about the big stuff. LOL