Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Builder's Block

After attending 2 games of Primtionary today, I headed out to the sandbox this evening to attempt to build something. But unfortunately, I had a big bad case of builder's block. So I did what they tell you to do in situations like this. You go back to the basics.

The Prim

I built a box. :-p

I did end up building some kind of cool shelves, and a bench, but I deleted the bench because it wasn't very good.

Right now I'm prize camping at Frangipani. I just love prize camping because it's the only time I ever sit still enough to sort through junk in my inventory. Not that I'm actually doing that right now...but I have 29 minutes left. It could happen! I also got to meet one of the readers of my blog while I was sitting here. Hey Yvette! :)

Ok, back to clearing some stuff out of my inventory.


Anonymous said...

haha you're such a cutie and hello back xx Yvette

Wrath Paine said...

See, there you go, showing off your cube building skills again - can you not be humble for one minute?? Although, admittedly, that is a nice shaped cube, you'll have to teach me that someday.

So I can improve my already mad primtionary skillz. ;-)

Alicia Chenaux said...

I AM dragging you out to a Primtionary game some night, Wrath. You might have to build a cylinder, but don't freak out! :)