Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Boots Boots Boots

Before I start this entry, I wanted to say that in no way am I complaining about freebies. I think to complain about freebies just because it's not in your favorite color or size is in bad taste. You either learn to like the color, and learn how to resize prims, or you give it away/delete it.

HOWEVER, I will never say that something is fantastic when it's very obviously not just because it was a freebie. If the seams are all mismatched or the prims are crazy looking, I'm going to say so, whether it was free or not. I think that it's doing a disservice to the designer if you say that what they've made is really wonderful when it's really not. Because at some point, someone IS going to tell them the truth and then they'll be crushed. You should never be mean about your opinion on something, but you shouldn't lie to spare their feelings. Besides that, critiquing something can help a designer learn how to improve and that can only be good for everyone in the end.

Now, boots!

I received 3 pairs of boots from lucky chairs at a store. One pair came with the enormous skirt that I had to resize the other day, the other two are just on their own. These boots make me laugh because they're just so insanely busy!

Crazy boots

First of all, I really do think the designer of these boots is really great at making tiny prims. They're lovely. But is there a reason why there has to be 500 prims on one foot? And they're huge! With all the diamonds and chains and buckles and bling, it's a wonder I can walk at all. These aren't boots that I'll probably wear at any point, but you never know when there's going to be a blingy boots contest.

The other night I was looking through OnRez, and I came across these $1L boots.

Gogo boots

These are by Erin Rivera, and for $1L, they're a deal. They are not modifiable, or I would have made them a little smaller, but it's still not very bad at all.

When I came to SL, it was because of 2 things. I came because of CSI, and because of all the blogs and websites dedicated to SL. Since I came because of CSI, my avatar was already in nice clothes and skin and hair and, of course, boots.

Lace up boots

The only problem I have with these boots is that the black texture goes up above the boot, but I usually wear jeans with them, so it's not a big deal. But they are definitely my favorite boots.

I have some others that are texture with prim heels, but I don't wear them as much.

There's another blog post on the way, but it's dinner time.

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