Thursday, January 31, 2008

Calling in the calvary

I feel gross tonight. I think I ate too much pizza. lol

Tonight was...interesting. I hosted an event, and of course my DJ didn't show. That's the second time in a week that that's happened to me. 2 different DJs! But we have a new greeter who is getting set up to DJ and he told me that he'd be sure to be there for me. I think I'm cursed, so we'll see. Oh, and we got hit by a rolling restart too. That's also the second time that's happened during one of my events. Cursed! But we did have some interesting guests towards the end, including these two.

He got schooled.

I'm not sure how I'd feel if I got smacked down by a kitty with peanut butter & jelly hanging off her belt.

Someone I am not interested in at all and haven't talked to in a couple of weeks showed up on my porch tonight. Cen sent her man over and my friend Troll [who is also my landlord, I guess? lol] came too and before I knew it, the guy was gone. It helps having huge intimidating looking guys as friends. :) No, no one was rude or anything at all. No orbiting, nothing. It was just suggested to him in IM that I'd like my privacy, which is true. There are a few people who CAN just show up at my doorstep whenever they want, but they know who they are. Or they should, anyway. And I swear, calling in the calvary is not something I'd do just to be a bitch. I've never actually done that before. But, if you tell someone that you intend for them to be your girlfriend, and they don't seem interested in the slightest, and you show up uninvited at their house anyway...well, you probably deserve to have two huge men stare you down. lol Ugh, I'm such a wench. Now I feel bad. But probably just because I feel icky tonight anyway. I'm sure I'll be over it in the morning.

I've been in a black & white photo mood today, so I took a couple of shots out by the new little fire place near my home.

B&W Fireside

B&W Fireside - Eyes

I like the way the second one came out. The eyes are more muted than the blue of my eyes normally, but I think it fits the photo well.

I'm really tired now.


CeNedra said...

I secretly suspect the brothers enjoy staring down at people. I'm sure they both got a kick out of popping in to stand behind you.

Besides - you saved my guy from the endless hours of watching me model every single thing I picked up during the FashCon Rez Day event. Poor guy - there is no right answer to "Does my butt look as big in this?" even in SL it's a no-win situation.

Alicia Chenaux said...

Well with as fast as they showed up, I'm sure they were happy to play secret service for me. LOL

And omg, you did not ask him if your butt looked too big! Poor thing! LOL!! I feel ya, though, because I was trying on some clothes earlier and I kept asking myself that. Some of those outfits just made my bottom half look enormous!