Monday, August 4, 2008

Belt, Revamped

I think I finished up the pancakes belt tonight, but I'm still iffy on the textures. Probably just being overly picky. I redid the spatula and I'm tons happier with it now than I was before. I sent it out to the group tonight for final testing [they are my guinea pigs most of the time] but no one has said yay or nay to it going for sale, so I'm wondering if they got the notice at all with all the SL issues tonight. I need to also finish texturing a couple of things at my store so I can take down the construction barricades. lol

I'm kind of down tonight [probably that 'day after christmas' syndrome] so I'll leave you all with an old song, but one that's been in my head the past few days. I'm off to bed now.

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