Saturday, August 2, 2008

Shopping Alone

I hate shopping in crowded stores. I will keep myself up late late at night just for the chance at hitting a sale or a hunt without having to be there with 30 other people crowded into one store. There are very - and I do mean VERY - few stores that I will go to on the first day of a sale and I will almost never do a gift hunt the first day, especially if it's one of those that you have to go to one place to get the LM to the next place. Not that those aren't really fun, but if 50 people all start at once, you pretty much have to not even look at where you are, just grab the next LM and run and try to outrun them so you don't have 50 people all teleporting in on your head all day.

But, I'm like this in my RL too. I don't like crowded stores. I keep making the joke that I'd like to be so famous that stores will shut their doors just so I can shop alone for half an hour, but it's not THAT far off the mark. LOL I did hit up the M&R Cupcakes 50% off sale last night after it was announced, but only because some of the group were going out there too. [If I have to go to a crowded store, I prefer to go with friends.] I picked up just 4 dresses, but I might need to go back. LOL The dresses I got are gorgeous, though. Especially this classy little black number with a red belt and different skirt options. I've had my eye on it for a week or so, but just needed the extra push to get it.

Is anyone else like me? Do you check the map before going anywhere to see if it's crowded? Do you scout out the times when the stores are least likely to be packed? I don't want to think I'm anti-social. Just anti-lag.


Green Dream said...

This is one of the reasons I and my family do not shop at Wal*Mart- not only are just evil in their business practices, but they design their stores to be crowded, even if there's only a few people in the store.

I get antsy around a lot of family, and I definitely find it a more enjoyable experience to go shopping with someone else as I have a.) someone to give me a second opinion on items and b.) someone to talk to about the purchases and people around us.

And yes, in SL, I get antsy with a lot of people around, as it means lag, and me having shopper-rage. I start questioning how many people are just standing around being dipshits and filling the sim, being completely impolite to the people trying to get in; or I get irritated with how many bimbo-looking avatars or dragged-around slaves there are. When it comes to hunt, it get a little neurotic about who might be watching where I'm finding things and following me around. So yeah, I'm a tad screwy. :P

Aimee said...

I don't like crowds in SL or RL! Shopping is a very private activity for me and if the store is crowded I start to sweat and feel a bit claustrophobic. I like SL because I can always leave the store and come back later. lol

Asthenia said...

I don't like the crowds, but I run when I see the word SALE. If the lag is too bad & the store is worth it, I try to back later around my lunchtime (European) because its mostly less crowded then.
Unlike RL sales, everyone can get the top on sale that they want without fearing they don't have your size anymore :-)