Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Get Lucky @ Crimson Shadow

I was starting to get worried because the dress in the Crimson Shadow lucky chair had been scheduled to be taken down on the 10th, and here it was, well after the 10th, and nothing new! Although I guess that really worked out, since Laleeta hadn't been around to pick up the Midnight Blue dress and after what had to have been more than 15 hours stalking the chair finally got it. LOL

This morning Lokum Shilova dropped the newest lucky chair dress on me - The Crimson Shadow Webbed n Lace Red dress! :)

The dress is, of course, richly textured and came with a 2 different skirts so you could wear it a couple of different ways. Naturally I had to throw on the short skirt first, along with a couple of things that were not included in the folder just to give it a different look.

Crimson Shadow- Webbed n Lace - Short Skirt

I think it's adorable. I love the netted sleeves and the poofy shoulders. Most of the things from Crimson Shadow look better if you're more on the goth looking side, which is why I threw on some black hair for this picture. :)

If you take a closer look, you can see the unbelievably wonderful texturing that's going on. Look at the detailing on the corset front. It's excellent! Also, I'm not sure if you can tell, but there is a belt I'm wearing too. It's on the skirt layer, not a prim, so it may fit you different than it fits me.

Crimson Shadow- Webbed n Lace - Close Up

The dress also comes with a high collar perfect for the ballroom [or castle, or cemetery since I can totally picture this dress on one of you Bloodlines players!] and the long skirt is just swirly and gorgeous. The web overlay is just incredible!

Shoes and some cute stockings are included, but you cannot see them under this dress. I wasn't actually a huge fan of the shoes, but that's a personal opinion. :)

Crimson Shadow- Webbed n Lace - Long skirt & Collar

This dress will be available at the Crimson Shadow lucky chair from now until September 15th, so be sure to head on over and have some fun stalking that chair!

In this post I am also wearing...

Skin - La Sylphide Ingrid in Smoky Blood Red [group gift, unsure if it's available]
Hair - Both by Free Speerit, no longer available for purchase.
Stockings - Beloved Designs Lace Top stockings, available at the mainstore.
Shoes - Dolly Goth Pumps by Unique Needs, available at the mainstore.


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