Thursday, August 21, 2008

Piece of Me

I'm finally getting over the headache. I know, hours later. LOL I knew it was coming, though, as I am prone to migraines and know the signs. I've been so down the past few days, and exceptionally tired. I'm just glad it waited to really strike after last night's party. :) Oh heck, even if it HAD started during the party, I'd have kept going because that party has been the highlight of my week. :)

I'm heading out in a little while to go buy a new headset. My old one is pretty much biting the big one and it's completely trashy. LOL It's twisted and the wires are peeking out and lately I've had to pinch the wires to get sound out of both ears. Not to mention the microphone never ever worked with any kind of voice chat, from Yahoo to Skype to Second Life. In fact, most people would laugh to see my set up. I have this almost 10 year old freebie microphone that came with a webcam that I no longer even have, and I clip it to the microphone piece of my headset. So trashy. LOL But it works, and people seem to hear me just fine with the mic, so I haven't been worried about it. But RLBF noticed it the other day and laughed at me, so I'm self-conscious about it now. [This is how much he pays attention to me. I've been doing it like this for a couple of months at least. LOL] I'm not sure what I actually want, so I'll probably be dragging RLBF out with me to get one. If it's left up to me, I'll come home with just earphones and a $10 microphone that I'll end up duct taping to the monitor.

Since Cen is going to be a reporter tonight at a Hair Fair pre-party, and Levi is out of town, I find myself in the position of not having anything to do tonight. Why is it that the both of them ALWAYS manage to leave me alone at the same time? It's a conspiracy, I tell you. :-p I think I might do some inventory organizing tonight.

Or shopping.

Yeah. Probably shopping.

Anyway, I've had this song in my head since it was requested last night. It's not the official video, but I thought it was kind of cool too.


CeN said...

I'll only be at the party from 7 until 8, and after that I'll be a spazz so I will TOTALLY need you.

The description of your headphone/mic set up sounds so much like mine LOL.

I'm sure we're long lost twins born somewhere between the ghetto and the bayoo :D

Alicia Chenaux said...

Yay, we'll spazz together then! LMAO Well, when do we not, huh?

We'll sit on the front porch, paintin' on our toes, eatin' beans & weiners with a spoon. LMFAO!!!