Monday, August 4, 2008

WigWamBam gift @ Amicitia!!

If you haven't been out to Amicitia yet, you're missing out. It's turning into a fantastic little shopping center. And the designers there have been pretty generous with handing out gifties!

Joodle Fadoodle of WigWamBam sent me the gift that she's giving out at her Amicitia location, the Amicitia Bleu sleeveless turtleneck.

WigWamBam - Amicitia Gift

I think it's so cute, and there is a little red lipstick kiss on the back of the neck. It matches my new earrings that Levi bought me for my birthday just perfectly!

You can pick up the Amicitia Bleu for FREE at the Amicitia location. Jojo also has out some dollarbies, even an avatar set that has a shape, skin, eyes, and eyelashes that are pre-fitted to the shape. She does some awesome work, so be sure to look around. :)

WigWamBam @ Amicitia - SLurl

In this post I'm wearing 'Tyra' hair by ETD, Anime eyes in blue by Miriel, 'Scarlet' skin in Desidelia by Free Speerit, New Grazia earrings by Earthtones, and jeans from the Lesya outfit by Archange.

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Did I ever mention that I like your bellybutton?