Saturday, August 9, 2008

Shop shop shop :)

So gradually getting back into the SL groove. :) I am REALLY bummed that I missed out on a few gifts from different groups and I can't retrieve them because they're from mailing lists that don't offer the history option. But I was able to get the free poses from the Striking Poses s-o-m, so that's awesome. Why do IMs have to cap? And if they cap, why do objects & sometimes notecards have to cap out too???? It makes no sense. *snaps her fingers* Hey Lindens, do something about that. :-p

Today, Levi and I took some time and we went shopping at Dutch Touch. :)

Dutch Touch Shopping

He's so patient with me. <3 He did his shopping and then sat down to wait while I was indecisive and couldn't pick what I wanted. I ended up with 4 outfits and he bought me a pack of silk shirts that are SO awesome. Then of course I had to go over to where Maitreya has some shoes set up and just stare at them. I wanted to buy some, because Maitreya might possibly have the best quality shoes in SL, but I couldn't decide WHICH to buy. So I just visited. LOL Whenever I log back in [like...when I finish this post] I'm going to run to J's and look at the new shoes there. God, I love J's. Those sculpted toes are just so freaking cute and I used to be creeped out with prim toes.

I'm finishing lunch now while I read over blogs. It's amazing how much you miss in just a couple of days.

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