Sunday, August 31, 2008

I have no brain to hand ability!

I've mentioned before, most of my builds are happy accidents. I don't draw out my designs or figure out measurements. I don't sit there and use math. I grab a prim and I And usually I'm pretty happy with the result.

But the problem with this is that sometimes the picture I have in my head of what I want comes out completely different when I get going. Take this for example.

Not what I wanted.

When we moved from Orcas, we were gifted with the awesome tub that had been in our skybox. And I wanted to make a gazebo so we'd have this really cool hot tub thing going. But what I built is nothing like I had in my head. LOL So that's me, sitting in my hard hat and toolbelt, pouting because I have no one to blame for what I made.

And ok, it's not a BAD build. I have edited it since the picture and started to texture it, which of course helps immensely. [Seriously. Think of the most awesome accessory you have - necklace, belt, whatever. Then think of it in plywood. Not so awesome anymore, huh?] But the fact remains that my skill level at building the bigger stuff kinda sucks. LOL

Today I'm going to run around furniture shopping. Most of the girls in the Ch'Know group have raved about certain furniture designers, and I'm eager to go check out the stores. I've never had a reason to before because our skybox was furnished. Actually, what we have now is too, but we're allowed to change things and there's a whole open area for me to set up. :)

Maybe a shower first. Then shopping!

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Tymmerie Thorne said...

Awwwww! You look so cute sitting there in the sand! Good luck with the build!