Saturday, August 23, 2008

A semi-quiet Saturday night

Long day. lol But a pretty good one. My morning started off with chatting with my sweetheart, which is always a wonderful thing. Then I spent the day with my parents, and came home and spent time with friends. Cen and I hit up that strawberry hunt and ran into a bunch of the group members. Sometimes I think about moving us all into a new group, one with a different name. But then again, I do use the group for store stuff too since the members are pretty much my guinea pigs with new junk I make. LOL

We spent some time at the pit tonight, just dancing and talking with some people. We haven't just hung out at the pit in a long time. Our involvement there is usually business related, or for hump day parties and even then, we're usually in the air since the ground tends to be a bit laggier.

But now I'm hanging out in our skybox, wearing something cute, waiting to see if Levi will log in before I get tired and head to bed. Not that I'm tired but my back is sore for some reason. Haha, no ideas. I haven't been doing anything on my back lately.

So we've been partnered for 2 months now. :) I can't believe it. Well, I CAN. I'd be freakin' crazy to let him go. But I've known people to be partnered and divorced 5 or 6 times in just the time we've been together [4 months exclusive, 5 months of knowing each other]. I'm a little bummed that we didn't get to see each other tonight, but I know he must be tired from traveling. I would be, anyway. When I get home from a trip, I'm just wiped out for the next week. So I guess I'll forgive him. ;)

I think I'm going to take a shower and see if I can't loosen up my shoulders some. Then it'll either be bedtime or more SL time. I haven't quite decided yet. :)

EDIT: I can't believe I almost forgot this. LMAO It's not me. And it's not Cen. LOL

Oh, Pooh.

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It's my pooh bear!