Monday, August 4, 2008

Rambling again

Photoshop successfully re-registered! I think I was just too tired last night to do it right. LOL And I know, there are a LOT of free programs out there to use, but I like photoshop. I'm used to Photoshop. I did give the program Quaintly suggested a try, but ... it wasn't Photoshop. LOL I don't deal with change? :-p

If you haven't, go check out Sai's post about the party because she included her video of the onigokko. :)

Speaking of Sai, yesterday she got electrocuted by a very mean lucky chair just because she used it to get herself out of the water and into the store. Bad lucky chair! You just cost that designer a shoe sale!

It kicked her out!

Speaking of shoes, let's get one thing straight, shoemakers. You can't always do what you want with a shoe base. You can torture those feet all you want, but sometimes you have to just adjust your shoes. Otherwise you end up selling mess like this.


I only paid $1L but I think that was too much.

Krissy and her guy Christian gave me a gift card to the store Bijou [SLurl] on Saturday. :) Thank you so much!! Bijou is a store that I've run into before to grab a freebie, and I've always loved the gifts, but either I was blind or I was broke, because I never really took a look around before. That TOTALLY changed yesterday. I love this store! The clothes are so.... Carrie Bradshaw. And if you don't know what that means, or you don't know who Carrie Bradshaw is...well, I don't know, I can't really help you. lmfao

I ended up picking 2 outfits, and I love love love them!

Bijou - Lagoon

Bijou - Brickstreet

Our skybox is really filling up with poseballs and pillows. LOL I love it! But we do tend to use the same 2 pillows all the time. Yesterday Levi brought out a new one for us. :-D I'm glad, because there's only so many angles I can use when taking pics of us on the other 2 pillows that we use most often. :-p Baby, maybe we should go to Pillow Talk again and test out all the pillows we don't have again? I really like this new one. It's casual, but still really sweet.

New snuggles

I also picked up a new pose for our recliner [it was the last piece that didn't have any kind of couples pose on it!] at Sugar Mill. There was a hover hunt going on there yesterday, not sure if it still is, but I picked up a couple of $1L poses. Their stuff ranges from pretty reasonable to "Well, I like it, but damn." LMAO

Well, in the middle of writing this, Levi logged in. :) He gave me ANOTHER present, a really cute and sexy Alice In Wonderland costume! :) And then we went to Pillow Talk and picked up a couple more pillows. :-D But he had to leave, and I called to check on my mom....which led to a 2 hour conversation. Now I'm in desperate need of food, so I better go eat before heading back in world to play with my new clothes and find spots for our new pillows. :)

I feel like I got my blog groove back a bit. LOL


Terri Zhangsun said...

Ali, next you are looking for some type of belt to make, I have some RL inspiration here. How about a menstrual belt? You could put a box of tampons, maxi pads, Midol and a calendar with a pen on it? Now that is something I would wear in RL! JK! I know, I know TMI!

Alicia Chenaux said...

LMFAO!! OMG. When I finish the pancakes belt [the spatula is going to be revamped], I'm TOTALLY working on that. LOL

CeN said...


I remember the first time I moved into a guys house in SL and he told me to go ahead and "add a woman's touch" ... so I put a box of tampons on the shelf!

Krissy Muggleston said...

I'm laughing because when I tp'd Chris into Bijou, he looked around and said "Oh. Sex and the City" I said I guess, I never watched that show. Guess he was right.... ;)

Jessyka Richard said...

Hah, I picked up those ruby slippers (and plurked them) but I stashed them in my 'To Sort' folder and haven't tried them on yet. Who knew they were designed for people with flipper feet?