Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Randomosity - Part 13 - Oh, more pics!

I was sorting out the stuff in my Hair Fair folder when I got the message that the region was restarting. So I figured I'd clean off my desktop and show some pics that never seemed to make it to the blog. When I take pictures, I often take a whole bunch at once, just in case eyes are closed or something decides to re-rez or whatever. So that usually leaves me with more pics than I know what to do with on my desktop, but I just can't delete all of them. :) Oh, and sometimes I don't want to just totally clog up my blog with pictures, even though I know I could if I wanted. So tonight...I want to!

Most of these pics are recent, but some are not. And some are just different shots of things I've probably shown before. The best is when I run across a picture that I didn't realize I'd taken. :)

Our friend Jet is an amazing creator. She made my most favorite geisha hair ever! Sometimes she builds just to build. This actually looks a lot better in world than it looks in the pic because somehow the picture didn't capture the glow.

Jet's build

Cen was trying on all the gifts she picked up at Hair Fair. Some things...well, they just didn't work.


Tymmerie and me dancing at her rezday party. She looks like she's going to drill me!

Tymm's party

I met the Dazzle Dog while out at Archange. I wasn't scared by him at all. I don't think he's a very good guard dog. Although...I didn't buy anything. So maybe he was.

Dazzle dog

Across from Archange is the cutest little furniture store! I cannot remember the name of it right now, and I'm not in world to check, but it's adorable. But almost all the furniture is built for avatars my size, so if you're very tall, it might not really work for you. I think it's awesome stuff, though.

Cute little store

You know how sometimes when you stand up, you don't actually stand up, but you're stuck in the blue nothingness? I was trying dances at Henmations, stood up, and somehow THIS mess happened. I'm the one in the pink and white sneakers...if you can tell.

I ... Don't know.

Cen and I playing Deal or Decline. Well, she was playing. I was sitting there looking goofy.

Tiny Deal or Decline

Joodle has a cool boudoir photo set in her store, WigWamBam. I was out there today and had to play on it. But black pants on a black couch = fail. I look like I have no legs.

Boudoir pic @ WigWamBam

We were saying goodnight and goodbye-for-now before he left for his trip. I think the picture came out a little dark, but I really like it. :)


And tonight I was trying on some of my Hair Fair goodies. The cute Katat0nik dress that was a gift, and the totally fantastic Amy hair from Pixel Dust. Designer Autumn Hykova decided to indulge me with colors to play with. :) I love this hair. This picture came out dark, too. I'm beginning to wonder if it's my monitor...


My baby's coming home to me today...if the FAA gets its act together. lol But I'm really sleepy now, so I'm going to go to bed. Baby, if you get to read this before you get on the plane, be safe and I'll see you soon!! LY!!!!


CeN said...

Those picture of us in boxes just keep cracking me up.
Too funny.

Anonymous said...


Alicia legless - I knew there was evidence of it happening somewhere! LOL