Tuesday, August 19, 2008


Sometimes I think Levi knows me better than I know myself. He logged off early tonight saying that girl time was needed. I pouted [mostly because he left before I could tell him to stay since I was off in another room not having fun with my dinner], but then Cen and I got together and he was totally right. I needed girl time. And I guess she did too. We love our men dearly, passionately, deeply. We love spending as much time with them as we can, and it's almost never enough. But we need "our" time as well, and I think we forget that because we IM frequently. It's funny how IMs and other forms of communication are not *quite* the same thing as hanging out face to face in SL. I'm sure all of you experience that too with people that you care about. Although Levi and I talk quite a bit during the average day, I always miss him until we're together in SL. I didn't realize I was feeling that way with Cen as well.

There's a quote I've always liked by Toni Morrison that says, "A sister can be seen as someone who is both ourselves and very much not ourselves - a special kind of double." That's the way I feel with Cen. We were kind of joking around tonight and she said that we have no need try to be exactly like each other. It's very true. She and I share many similarities, and people may have noticed that we often type the same thing at the same time, but our differences are what keep us together. It's that whole yin & yang thing. :)

Anyway, enough mushiness. LOL We had a great time tonight shopping [we both bought some cute pajamas at Nyte n Day!], hunting for poop at LAP, and just catching up. We managed to solve the problems of the world [well, our world] while sitting on a swing at Earthstones for over an hour. Of course I snapped quick pics of us.

At LAP. There was poop behind the stump. It was old, it didn't smell.

LAP hunt

And on the swing at Earthstones. Yeah, she's going for my kidney.

Swinging @ Earthstones

So thank you, sis, for a fun time tonight. :) And thank you, baby, for telling me what I needed. :) I love you both so much!


CeN said...

Hey! You stole my topic LOL.
I can't believe we were writing these at the same time.
OK I can - it's so us.

Alicia Chenaux said...


It's ok. Now everyone gets twice the mush. :)

Joonie Jatho said...

I posted on Cen's blog but ditto here! LOL

My bestest friend left SL over a guy some time ago. I miss her like mad.

This is awesome! :)