Monday, August 25, 2008


Women in SL seem to go through new looks all the time. We change skins, hair, and clothes constantly. But hey, guys want to play too! Levi and I headed out to The Abyss tonight to check out the skins. I know, Abyss skins are everywhere. But there just aren't that many really great quality skins for guys. There's just not. The reason people buy Abyss skins is because they're great quality. At least, in my opinion. And since I look at him the most, my opinion counts. :)

He ended up buying a skin, with a bit of chin hair. I'm not one for facial hair, but I really liked this on him. And of course I liked everything else about the skin. :)

Levi's new skin

Doesn't he look great? He says now he has to do a bit of shape tweaking to fit the skin better, but of course we all do that with new skins, I think. I know I have a few different shapes with different facial features [usually lips] for different skins.

After the skin expedition, we had to go buy something else, and then back home to put everything all together. We'll be hitting up the Hair Fair this week when he gets back to see if there's anything I like...I mean, anything HE likes, that is different from what he has. Can anyone recommend some stalls to check out with male hair that isn't Bryce?

Speaking of hair, while we were at The Abyss, I tried on a demo hair and he convinced me to buy it. It's not blonde. :-O Don't worry, I'm not making the big switch. It's just something new to play with. :)

I think all the shopping wore him out, though. Wore me out too, so I'm off to bed.

Worn out


CeN said...

Oh Levi your skin looks awesome and still very you.
Great choice.

CeN said...

I can see your nipples

Gahum Riptide said...

We men get the short end of the stick when it comes to skins. I'm not sure why, but most of the skins are rather featureless (don't get me started on hair).

My usual skin is the Scorpio_Ra skin from The Abyss, because the shape I bought was optimized for it. It really is one of the best and nicest skins for men out there and has a level of detail only female skins usually have.

However... both Belleza and Damiani have great skins for guys. I actually had a bit of a tweak by a stylist which actually made the skins look better (although my original tweaks weren't slouches). I have the Neo skin by Damiani and the Ewan skin by Belleza (which has stubble and chin hair).