Monday, August 11, 2008

Just some weekend pics

Is it possible that I was online and in world yesterday...and yet I didn't blog?! What is this world coming to? LOL Actually, I intended on blogging last night before bed, but I was extra tired, so I didn't. Of course, once I got to bed, I was unable to sleep, so I watched a movie until 3am. Boooo.

Anyway, I have a load of pictures on my desktop that have to be cleaned off, so instead of some great blog to read, right now you get a few pictures. :)

Miriel Enfield has some of the prettiest eyes in all of SL, and I've been wearing a pair since probably January or February. I always get complimented on how beautiful my eyes are, so you know she's doing something right! With the opening of her new sim, she released her anime eyes. I love big eyes, so I'm extra happy with these. If only they came in my old shade!!

Miriel's new anime eyes

[Btw, you can get anime contacts for your RL now. I don't know about all that. LOL]

Tymmerie and her husband Jerremy entered the Second Spaces contest this past weekend, and Jerremy placed 2nd!! [I think it should have been first, but I am a bit biased.] I wasn't able to make it out to the unveiling and the party, but I did manage to get myself over there to play in Tymmerie's moon spa and Jerremy's Nautilus later!

Tymmerie's Moon Spa

Jerremy's Nautilus

Our awesome landlord Casius revamped our skybox a little bit and removed our piano, which rarely was used, and put in a new tub and a massage table. We had to give the tub a spin yesterday. It's sooooo nice!! Lots of options. ;) Later I think we'll have to give the massage table a go!

Mmmm :)

Cen hasn't been able to be around lately because of RL things going on, but last night she snuck in to go to the Trash & Treasure Hunt because there was a free Tuli skin, and the minute she hears "Free" and "Tuli" then RL or no RL, she's there. :) I'm glad too, because well, for one, I totally miss her. And two, I didn't know about the skin! LOL But after we got the skin, and the Earthstones gift, well... what else are we supposed to look for? LOL I mean, wasn't that all we wanted? :-p So we settled in to play games.

Old schoolin' it

She thinks she can beat me at Pacman. I let her think that. ;)

My baby is heading to lunch, so I think he may be getting a lunchtime call from me pretty soon. :)


CeN said...

I actually jumped when I saw that big close up of your eyes. LMAO I did, don't know why but I did.

You soooo know I could kick your ass in Pacman, unless you'd like to challenge me at Mario :D

Casandra Shilova said...

That's a great picture, it looks so natural! Two good friends playing games in the living room.