Friday, August 1, 2008


One of my favorite things to do in Second Life is collect poses. I have well over 200 poses from wonderful stores like Long Awkward Pose, Imperial Elegance, Juicy, etc. I pick them up at hunts or at cheap sales. In fact, I think the most I've spent is on a full pack of pornstar poses at LAP because they were half price or something, and I really really wanted them. I don't usually buy packs, unless they're cheap, because not every pose in a pack is going to work with my body. As a very very beginner poser myself, I have a lot of admiration for those who do poses and do them very well.

A little over a month ago I came across Striking Poses. [SLurl] Zelly Mornington, the posemaker for SP, does mostly recreations of celebrity photos. They are FABULOUS. She does amazing work! I started gathering my collection of her poses, group gifts, dollarbies, purchasing one here and there that I liked. I even did up a photo using one of her poses and sent it in to her because Zelly puts them in a slideshow in the store. [Read the notecard she usually includes to find out how to be part of the slideshow!]

Tonight I logged in, kind of in a bad mood, to find out that I'd WON a pack of poses from SP!! I received the Jessica Alba collection [10 poses, $400L in the store] and I got all kinds of excited! Not only was I a winner, but it meant I now had enough to put all my SP poses in their own posestand, just like I have for LAP and Imperial Elegance! And of COURSE I couldn't resist taking some pics right away.

Posing in front of the park & fishing entrance at the new & improved Viper Pit.


Posing in front of my new & almost improved store.


Posing in the diner at the pit, but I doctored it up on Dumpr and in Photoshop.

You caught me

Thank you sooooo much, Zelly, for making me feel like a winner tonight. :) For the rest of you... get your butts down to Striking Poses, join the update group [it's a subscribe-o-matic], try out some poses, and then shop! :-D There's a lucky chair, too, so while you're playing on all the pose stands, your letter might come up!

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CeN said...

I love that last picture.

I puts a whole story in my head of a celebrity sneaking out for a late night snack and getting caught by the paparazzi.