Friday, August 22, 2008

Making a post out of nothing at all

I have a bunch of blog posts in my head. But with doing other blog posts, reading other blogs, plurks, parties, spending time with Levi & Cen, RL things, and a little detective work - well...who has time to write?

Plus, when I DO sit down to write posts, they end up being SO long. And I do mean long. So I've saved a couple, but I have to go back and try to revamp them to be shorter.

But until I do that, we'll talk about something else. :) I FINALLY managed to shove myself in to Hair Fair. I know, I said I wasn't going on opening day, but I just couldn't live another moment without THIS hair from Curio.

My new favorite hair!

This one is called Lovely, and it so is. The moment I had tried on the demo, I just couldn't get it out of my head. I also picked up Rabid while I was at the Curio stall, because I love love love it too.

The lag was, of course, horrific. And believe me, some of those women strutting around put the "HOR" in horrific. Just for fun, I had turned on the Avatar Rendering Cost thing before heading out there. I had an ARC of 1. I didn't have any scripted things, any prims, nothing. I get out there and the red numbers are ALL over. I mean, just flashing here and there. 2000, 3000, 5000... It was bad. Now I know that ARC isn't the be-all/end-all of lag measuring. But it was something to see, that's for sure.

So I make it over to the Curio stall, FINALLY, and then I decide to go look for the Pixel Dust stall. Well, lag starts getting worse and worse. I even resort to that box trick that everyone out there was doing, even though I'm pretty sure that might have been lagging the place out, too. But I couldn't walk, and I do have a pretty good computer, you know? I look out and I see a bright red ARC, and it looks really long. I think, "Oh, two avatars must be on top of each other." As I'm trying to move my box around, I stop and I cam over to the number. 132,051.

I almost fall off my box.

I rub my eyes, I stare more, and it doesn't change. Over 130,000 ARC!! is that possible?! I'm staring at this guy and I take a picture, even though because he was a ways away from me and SL was making his eyes look crazy.

ARC of over 130,000.

I still have no idea how his ARC was THAT high. I tried to move my box a little closer so I could inspect his hair, just to see what was up. But unfortunately, I crashed trying to do that. And my box is lost at the Hair Fair. I think it's near the Hair Solutions stall, if anyone wants to delete it. lol

After that whole thing, I spent some time hanging out on a posestand, fixing my new hair and chatting with the group. Then I got really bored and I went shopping. I ended up buying the cutest lingerie at Insolence!! I cannot wait for Levi to get home so I can show it to him. :)

I guess I'll head to bed. I have some RL visiting to do tomorrow, and that usually requires at least 6 hours of sleep. LOL


Aisuru Rieko said...

for people planning the box trick out there, might be a good idea to make your box full perm and able to be moved/deleted by others before you sit yerself down on it.

I think they have some of their own making, to me it looked like it, and I think they're red so you might look out for one of those.

Beatrix Noel said...

I bet he had guns on that were hosltered and invisible but not detached. I was playing around with the numbers and checking out Forsaken (my partner) and he had stripped down to no clothes and no hair and still had a high ARC. Then he remembered his guns and his wings that he wears (but keeps invisible until he flies).

Terri Zhangsun said...

Ali, what lashes are you wearing in the pic with your curio pony tail? Thanks!

Alicia Chenaux said...

Terri, those eyelashes came with my skin from Free Speerit. :) I don't know if they're available for purchase separately or not, but they're definitely my favorites.

Aisuru - I think that the Hair Fair has an autoreturn of 1 minute now. At least from what I saw last night. :)

Beatrix - That could definitely be it! I wish I'd had time to turn on transparencies to check!

Bettye Dugan said...

*whispers* Excite parts...that's what was jacking up his ARC score I bet. :P