Thursday, August 14, 2008

Doing Ruth

Since Levi wasn't here tonight, I thought I'd play around with this project that everyone seems to be doing lately - The Ruth Project. Oh, you've seen it. People are taking the default Ruth shape and trying to make her look pretty. It's really funny to me, since everyone's always bitched about how ugly Ruth is and being "ruthed" meant something horrible. I think there's a contest going on, too, to see who can do the best. I'm not competing or anything, I just wanted to play around.

I put together 3 looks for good ol' Ruth - A neko, a casual everyday look, and a formal look. I have to say, it was harder than I thought. First of all, the girl has enormous feet. Size 23! Second, she has a longer torso and kind of fat legs. This makes putting a miniskirt on her, or low slung jeans, almost impossible. And I'm not getting into her eyes...they frighten me, quite frankly. LOL It also made trying to position prim lashes on her a trial, and I'm pretty good at getting those on quickly. I think I'm just highly picky, though. Well, I know I am. LOL

Anyway, here's her neko look.

Doing Ruth - Neko

Doing Ruth - Neko Close-up

I have her in the Ingrid skin by La Sylphide that was a gift for the CAL GAL group, and one I wear often when going around as a kitteh. She's also wearing hair by Deviant Kitties, and I think the big hair kind of made her shoulders seem a little less wide. The wide belt helps to give her a bit more of a break in her torso. I hadn't changed her foot size but the Glossy Ribbon boots by Shiny Things actually fit.

For the next look, I wore things that I wear quite often.

Doing Ruth - Casual Dress

Ruth actually looks pretty good in a babydoll dress. And my Free Speerit skin fits her face pretty well. But the Anime eyes by Miriel make her look...well, kind of spaced out. LOL I've been wearing them a lot lately and never look like that, but Ruth's eyes are very odd in my humble opinion. By this point, I'd given up on prim eyelashes. It was a lost cause. And of course everyone looks hot in ETD hair. :)

And the final look - Formalwear.

Doing Ruth - Formal

Before you say anything, let me just say that I tried on no fewer than 50 skins on Ruth. I am incredibly picky and wasn't really happy with how she looked in any of them. But I think it's because I know how they look on ME and because they didn't look the same on Ruth, I didn't like them. It has nothing at all to do with the skins themselves. This one comes from the 03 Collection at Crimson Shadow, and I have worn it myself and loved it. On Ruth, I don't think it looks very good. But who wouldn't look fabulous in that dress?! That was [and still is, I believe] the lucky chair dress at Crimson Shadow.

So...yeah. LOL I guess others can make Ruth look good and like it, but I don't care for the shape at all. It gave me a way to kill a couple of hours, though. I guess that counts for something. :)


Gahum Riptide said...

I tried my hand using my female av, Kamia. I used one of those xtreme reality skins, which actually looked pretty OK. I wouldn't say she looked gorgeous, but I think the shape prevents her from looking really stunning. Aside from the monstrous feet, her hands are HUGE. To me, I saw Ruth as sort of a retro girl, and looked good in those high waisted pants from the 1950's, but she also looks good in short knee length skirts with some fullness.

CeN said...

It is a strange feeling putting a skin you love on your own shape onto Ruth.

You look great.