Friday, August 1, 2008

Mmmm pancakes!

I'm blessed to be friends with some amazingly talented people in SL. Designers, builders, sculptors, pose makers. They are much more talented than I am at so many things. :) So it's really awesome for me to go in to a store and see someone wearing one of their designs. I TPed in to a store this morning and a woman was wearing one of Sai's skully mini skirts. I wanted to tell her "Hey! I know who made your skirt!" But I figured she wouldn't care. And then I wanted to tell her "Hey! Your butt is sticking WAY out of that skirt!" LOL

So I woke up this morning prepared to finish my belt...which I did, but I am still kind of unhappy with the spatula.


It probably just needs a better texture. That's all that really turns a prim into something marvelous anyway. A good texture.

Speaking of textures, I still need to texture my store so I can take down the "Under Construction" barricades. LOL I just hate doing it so much! I'm never satisfied with what I put up. Maybe I'll go actually BUY the textures I want. I love Lauren Fox's texture store, but I never buy anything. I have about a billion free textures, including some wonderful ones I found for free at SecondWave Apparel, but I'm not sure they're quite what I want. Of course, if I knew what I wanted... LOL

LOL, oops. I started this post way early in the morning, but I got distracted with YouTube, looking at myself, and Chinese food.


Terri Zhangsun said...

That is a cute belt! I don't know if you read my comments about SL belts on my blog and what it would be like if we wore those same type of belts in RL. I am just thinking of what it would be like in RL to walk around with a pancake belt and it is cracking me up!

Alicia Chenaux said...

LOL, I ALWAYS think that when I'm putting these things together. I have a couple of fabulous belts from Catnip and it makes me laugh because I wouldn't walk around with peanut butter and jelly jars around my waist, or a mailbox. But someone in SL walking around with cookies and toilet paper on their belt...we never even think twice about it. LOL

Sai Pennell said...

OMG, someone was wearing my skirts? XD Haha, you should have TPed me so I could take a picture of her! :D

I think the belt looks cuuuuuute! :D