Tuesday, August 12, 2008

The following is JUST AN OPINION.

If you read fashion blogs, or most any blog, you've probably seen all the hubbub over the newest content theft drama. [Actually, wasn't that dramatic until the fashion bloggers got a hold of it.] The gist of it is that the fashion bloggers had promoted a certain skin designer, and now an even bigger skin designer says that he stole her skins, which if you look at the pictures, is probably very true. Now the fashionista bloggers are all up in arms, wondering why they weren't told since apparently this issue has been going on between these two people for a while, asking the question...

Won't somebody PLEASE think of the bloggers?!

I don't see it that way. Hey, you know, newspapers retract stuff all the time. Not all information that you're given is going to be correct. The best you can do is say "Sorry about that, I didn't know," take down your pictures & the blog posts in question, and go on with your day. Not like we're reporting for CNN or something. It's SL fashion. I'm not a really a fashion blogger, although I LOVE when a designer thinks enough of my writing and of my readers to ask me to promote one of their creations. But if JillyJo Designs gives me a shirt to blog, and I do, and it turns out that it actually was a stolen creation from Big Time Clothing Co., and I didn't know that, then the best I can do is write, "I didn't know, I'm sorry to BTC, and I'm sorry to all of you." And that's it. Poof. Done. Because in the end, it comes down to BTC going after JillyJo. In the end, there is not all that much I can do. I can't file the DMCA for BTC, you know?

The people that we should be looking out for are the shoppers. Yes, the ones who read what is said, look at the pictures, and go spend their money. Please do not give me all that about how every fashion blogger spends boocoos of bucks to blog designs. You know you get stuff for free, I know you get stuff for free, everyone knows. But the shoppers are the ones who REALLY need to be looked out for. They're out there spending money and really promoting the designs by wearing them. I've had many people tell me, "I went and bought this dress because I saw you in it on your blog." Well, damn, I didn't spend $500L on it but someone else did. And that's the person that's going to be hurting if it gets removed from the grid because it's proved to be stolen, or when they find that they feel bad wearing it because now it's been blogged that it's wrong.

I guess what I'm getting at is don't get all wild over "save the bloggers." We have an outlet to voice our opinions and we do it every day. Save the people who trust what we say enough to go spend the money. Content theft sucks, ok? It does. But the best we can do is try to go on good faith that the information we get is truthful, and if it's not, we can say so. But no witch hunts, and no drama, please.

And that's the last you'll hear from me on this subject. :)


Terri Zhangsun said...

I agree. I think some people take this too seriously. Should the designer take it seriously...yes! Should the fashion bloggers...no! They aren't reporting for the BBC for god's sake!

Sehra Kauffman said...


CeN said...

Uh Oh... I wonder what sign will show up at the Pit this time?

Just kidding, I agree with you.

Asthenia said...

Agreed, agreed, agreed.
Fashionbloggers, say sorry & blog anothertopthatidontrealyneedbutNEEDtobuybecauseyoubloggedit, thankyou!

Elora Henig said...

I concur *Exhale Sigh* thank you for your Blogged opinion, your voice of reason amongst the insane.