Monday, August 25, 2008

Occupying Time

Today I had some hours alone, so I had to occupy my time.

I started out by building a posestand for the group. I used a free script and my lame building skills, but it works. :)

Built a stand

Then I went around looking at a sim where there were some houses for rent. There were also horses and a see saw. But well...I don't think see saws work very well when you're by yourself.

At least...this doesn't look right to me.

This won't work

I even cleaned up our skybox. It looks sad without all our stuff. :( I am sad about leaving it. I've spent more time in the skybox than anywhere else. It stopped being my skybox and became OUR skybox in April. We've had so many conversations there, and so many other memories. :) But I know wherever we choose to go, it'll be wonderful.

Still, sad to see it empty like this.


After all of that, I still didn't know what to do with myself, so I went to the library.

Just shows how awesome SL is if a girl like me can go to Princeton. Even if I do look totally bored.

Library time

Of course, Cen is always good at distracting me a bit, and we giggled and were boxbots.


Then I no longer had to occupy my alone time because I was no longer alone!

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