Thursday, August 21, 2008


I hate waking up with a headache. I especially hate waking up at 3am with one after only a couple of hours of sleep. :( I keep hoping if I sit here it'll go away but no dice yet. So I logged in to read some group notices, get a group gift from Jaywalk, and hopefully catch Levi if he wakes up early. But it looks like he woke up already during the night, so I may not see him. :( If we don't somehow catch each other now, we might not see each other until the weekend and I'm telling you guys, I'm going to start to get really whiny. lol

So last night was Tymmerie's party and it really was an incredible event. Great costumes, lots of people, and even fireworks! I only was able to get one picture, though, and I'm too tired right now to resize it in photoshop. I will, though. I promise.

One of the funniest moments came near the end of the evening when we were talking about voice.

You: I saw a voice escort the other day.
You: She had a tag that proclaimed it.
CeNedra Rivera: I tell you I wouldn't have cramped hands so badly on Thursdays
Tymmerie Thorne: rofl!!!
You: wait.
Meara Deschanel: lol
CeNedra Rivera: um... that wasn't in reference to escorting!
You: LOL
CeNedra Rivera: omg
CeNedra Rivera: omg
Tymmerie Thorne: rofl!!!
CeNedra Rivera: that was about hostessing!
CeNedra Rivera: lmao
You: LMFAO!!!
Margo Sciarri is choking
You: SURE!!
Tymmerie Thorne: sure it was!
CeNedra Rivera: lmao
Margo Sciarri: lol
Dyami Jameson: wonders too???
You: that's so getting blogged.

Oh the conversations that spring up out of nowhere.

This headache truly isn't getting any better and the light from the monitor is drilling into my skull.


Elora Henig said...

Commiserates with you and your headache. (has one too)

Do you think the punch was spiked???

LOL... ow! laughing hurts my head
[whispers] great party ...
*drinks more coffee

CeN said...

I'm sure that conversation had a line or two that started with "Imagine if Hostesses used voice or had a Hostess stream".

owwwwww my aching fingers


Tymmerie Thorne said...

I am so sorry that you have a headache! I hope it goes away quickly! You were an amazing DJ last night! Thank you for letting us hijack Hump Day for my special day!!

Jerremy Darwin said...

I hope that you feel better. I wanted to thank you and CeN again for letting everyone get Humped at my place last night ;-) I think it really was a great party! Your DJ'ing was superb :-) My strange idea for a costume theme even work out - lol. I know Tymmerie had a great time for her first Rez Day. Hmm, but now what will I do for the party next month celebrating the 1 year anniversary of her blog ..... I guess I will think of something. Hopefully it will fall on a Wednesday :-)

Oh and somehow I too like 100 pictures at the party - LOL Tym will post some, and I can send you some others if you like.