Tuesday, August 12, 2008

A fun day ended on a swan. :)

I meant to blog last night before going to sleep but Levi and I stayed up really late, and I was soooo sleepy by the time we made it to bed. Not that I blame him at all for keeping me up. :) Hard for me to want to go to bed when I've got his sexy voice in my ear and we're out looking at things.

Yesterday afternoon, Sai IMed the group to ask if we'd been to Henmations to see their dances. Well, you know, I *think* I have been there before, but I hadn't seen many dances and I didn't stay very long. Not so this time! A bunch of the group went out there and we had a blast trying out all the dances!! They are REALLY GOOD! For those who like great mocap dances, but want them a little less dramatic than Sine Wave and a little more lively than some of the Animazoo dances, you have to go to Henmations! There were a few couples dances too, which Meara and I tried out. They made us smile. No, really, the dances make you smile!

We like to dance

After dropping $L at Henmations, I went to the Style Starts Here $50L sale and dropped more on lingerie. I couldn't help it. It's hard to find really great inexpensive lingerie, and I'm so picky anyway. LOL But I definitely found some great stuff at the sale and of course when Levi logged in, I had to try it all on for him. ;) Of course, that led to me trying on a bunch of different costumes as well. I have a lot of costumes, but I never seem to wear any of them. In the span of less than an hour, he saw me go from Lil Bo Peep to a hamburger to 2 kinds of geisha to a Playboy bunny, and a lot of stuff in between. LOL We also tested out our new massage table, which, btw, is really only set up so a man can get massaged. :-p Well, or a very large woman. But that's ok, I like to do it. :)

Massage therapy

We also went out to some costume shops because he needed a costume for Wednesday's party. I already have a nurse outfit, but I did end up getting a new one. I forgot to take pics while wearing it, but Levi has one on his Snapzila page, along with 3 of my many costume changes. LOL Oh! And after a million years in SL, he FINALLY sat on a lucky chair! How do you go that long without ever sitting in a lucky chair, I have no idea. :) But he won this funny pair of boxers with a rip off sock. lmao! And a couple of girl outfits too, which I guess is good if we ever have drag night or something. LOL In keeping with my lingerie themed day, my final lucky chair gift was a babydoll nightie, which I promptly put on while we were in the store and then we settled outside to finish talking. Where else can you sit on a doctor, wearing a babydoll nightie, and ride a swan until it's time for bed?

Riding around

But today I'm locking myself up in our skybox for TWO HOURS and sorting inventory. Two hours! It crept back up past 28k and I'd like to see it NOT that high. LOL I know eventually that with the way I shop, and the way Levi spoils me, it will grow. But it doesn't have to grow with clothes and items that I don't like or will never wear, does it? That's what I thought. So. Two hour inventory cleaning. That's the plan.


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