Thursday, August 21, 2008

A Trek Through Mainland

Back home, stuffed with fried catfish and other yummies, and with a new headset in hand. Or on head, I should say, since the moment I got home I had to break it out of the package [could they USE more glue on these things!?] and hook it right up. I love it! Cushy earpieces that block out like, every sound around me when the music is on, and the microphone appears to be working but I guess I won't really find that out until someone logs in that I can talk to. LOL But I'm happy right now. :)

Ok, so in the middle of this, I got bit by a chocolate bug. I am not a sweets eater ordinarily, and I almost never crave chocolate. But when I do, I give in, because it only happens every other month or so. So I ran out and bought a chocolate cake with chocolate frosting. I'm happily sugar buzzing now. And now back to our show.

So finding myself alone for a while tonight since Cen is covering the Hair Fair pre-party and Levi is out of town, I decided to do something I haven't done in a long time. Back in the early days of my blog, it wasn't uncommon for me to go to a store, finish looking there, then just start walking. My pixel feet did a lot of miles back in the day. But doing that was only fun if I could do it through mainland. Estate land is usually pretty and taken care of, but mainland... oh boy.

The big problem is, of course, the massive ad farms all over. Does anyone REALLY get anything out of these huge spinning crazy signs? When was the last time you clicked on one to go to a store?

But the second big problem is that...well...most of the parcels have something like THIS on them.

Mainland - Crazy

Mainland - ...balls?

Well who the heck wants to live around that kind of mess? Not me.

But another thing about mainland is that since most of it is complete crap [unless you own a whole mainland sim and you have the room to dress it all up] is that things get lost in between all the junk. Like as I was walking tonight, I ran into this store. I've never heard of it before! But the little glasses were so pretty and well done. I didn't buy any since I don't really need this style of glasses, but I did get a demo set and they are very cute.

Mainland - A store I didn't know.

Something good about mainland is that sometimes you just stumble into some neat artwork that is just...there. Like this painting, and these mushrooms!

Mainland - Art?

Mainland - Mushrooms

Of course, when you're walking mainland, you're probably going to come to a sim crossing. If you're lucky, it won't make you crash. But sometimes you lag up so badly while crossing, you end up somewhere that you didn't intend on going. I crossed into a new sim without knowing it [there's rarely a sign!] and ended up inside of a forest medical center. It was empty, but it was for the Gor roleplayers.

Mainland - Landing in a forest hospital

Needless to say, I hightailed it out of there.

If you're very lucky, though, you'll run into something nice. There ARE people out there who take mainland and attempt very hard to make it into something nice. I totally respect those people, because I know that can't be an easy task to undertake considering all their hard work may be obliterated by someone's giant prim of doom showing an escort's hoo-ha spread open. Thanks to those who try to make it better for people and for SL!!

Mainland - Nice.

After my little jaunt through mainland, I popped over to the store Prettiful because I saw some charm bracelet that I HAD to have. I also joined their group [to get the discount!] and I got a photoHUD too. I've never used one of these before and I'm little mad I can't do a high resolution snapshot with it, but ... well, it's cute. I'll forgive it. LOL


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