Sunday, August 17, 2008

If I met the SL me...

Geo Fulton asked a Plurk question yesterday that didn't get too many responses, but it interested me, so I thought I'd ask it here.

If you met your SL avatar in RL, would you like him/her?

I responded that I'd be intimidated by her. But then I started to really think about it.

First of all, Alicia would stand an inch taller than RL me in her bare feet, but if she were wearing the heels she favors, she'd be several inches taller. And of course she's got a great body and amazing eyes in a brilliant blue, so already I would feel a little intimidated just by how beautiful I think she is.

Alicia also wears clothes that I couldn't possibly get away with in RL. The tiniest skirts, low cut tops and jeans that hug her curves, gorgeous shoes. And her hair and makeup? Flawless!

Then I would learn that she's creative. She builds entire rooms with her manicured hands, she makes her own accessories. Now I would start to wonder why she's hanging bottles of mouthwash and boxes of pancake mix off of her belts...but she's cute, she could probably get away with it.

And let's not forget that she has a tall, smart, funny, good looking partner who spoils her and cherishes her. I would be jealous...even though I do have my own RL boyfriend.

But then I'd try to talk to her and I'd find a girl who is fairly shy. I would almost think that she's standoffish, snobby, but the more that I talked to her, the more that I would find out that it isn't true. She just doesn't always know what to say. In her eyes I could tell that she was pleased that someone wanted to talk to her, but also a bit scared that someone did want to talk to her. She wants to be social, to have more friends, but is also very much a homebody. She enjoys staying in the skybox with her partner, talking to him for hours on end. With the people she knows well, she's loud and silly. The kind of person who says something just to make people laugh. She listens to her friends problems, sometimes offering advice but more often than not she just listens. She is a quiet person, but it doesn't take too much to make her laugh or draw her out of her shell.

I would stop being intimidated by her after a while. After all...she's just like me.

Just with a way better chest.


Jesper Prinz said...

I would probably, at first sight, consider having him killed. Such a good looking guy must be extremely narcissistic and unbearable! Hehe.

But after awhile I would like him a lot, he would probably teach me some creative tricks here and there. And I would try to get him a little bit more well-organized:)

But at the end of the day I would love him as my lost twin-brother:))

Btw, thank you for a very good blog!

Gahum Riptide said...

I would probably be intimidated by Gahum's good looks. I'd probably assume he was another one of those fashion centered, shallow gay men. I'd think he was standoffish, or uninterested in talking because he doesn't do it first often. I'd be insanely jealous of his garden as it takes up the equivalent of several RL properties where I live. I'd also be jealous of his house since it's far nicer than what I live in. I'd be envious of his clothes and shoes since I can't afford half of what he owns.

However, once I got to know him, I'd discover he was a big goofball, who gets real chatty once he's comfortable. He's a lot more sensitive than he appears although he can have a scathing tongue for SLStupidity. I'd discover that we're essentially the same.