Sunday, August 24, 2008


I was laying in bed a little while ago after hanging up the phone [can you really call it "hanging up" anymore? I mean, a button push is not the same thing.] and I was thinking about my next project. It's a bit different from anything I've done before, and if I can manage to do it the way that it is in my head, I think it'll be really good. Of course, what I see in my head when I think of these things and what my actual skill can do are two VERY different things. LOL It does mean that when I start working on it, there's a good chance I'm not going to be listening to group chat or IMs. Of course, since I do most of my building in the daytime when people are at work, this isn't usually a problem anyway. And yes, because people are at work or school during the day, it's why I build then. LOL Unless I'm bored in the evening and no one wants to hang out with me and we're talking in the group about people who talk to your boobs and suddenly I'm inspired to make boob eyes.

My eyes are up here.

But I was thinking about this article I read in an SL magazine a while ago...maybe January or February. I don't remember who it was about, but the article was about this designer who said that her time in SL was always spent working. I wish I had saved the magazine, but since I tend not to read them in SL since I figure I've already read things in blogs, I know I threw it away. Anyway, so the designer only uses SL to work. And I remember thinking at the time that seemed kind of sad to me. I wasn't any kind of content creator when that came out, so I figured maybe that's just the way it was. But now that I am kind of one, albeit a crappy one, now it's even sadder to me. How can you come into this marvelous world and only work? How do you not explore, meet people, have fun? It really makes no sense to me.

I am privileged enough to be friends with some extraordinary builders and designers. I know that they have hours where they are unreachable when they are in world because they are working. But they aren't constantly working. They take the time to enjoy themselves in SL. If SL is just your business...then isn't it really RL?


Krissy Muggleston said...

You are more than 'kind of' a content creator, you are quite good! I've been in SL for over a year and a half, and as much as I've tried, I cannot MAKE ANYTHING! You should give yourself more credit. But I agree with you, I've often wondered if the really big designers have alts that they use for 'recreation'.

Casandra Shilova said...

Among the designers I know there are two who are very very shy, but love that their imagination can soar in Second Life.