Monday, September 15, 2008

Black Swan

If you haven't heard, today you can go over to The Black Swan and pick up the admissions watch or necklace for free. There are also a lot of new fashion items made by some of SL's top designers there too. Those are NOT free! In fact, most things are pretty pricy.

The funniest thing was probably this.

Black Swan during the day

No no, not me. :-p Today I was playing in Photoshop with the Nora skin PSDs and as I was trying them on, the girls were talking about Black Swan. I didn't really feel like being alone, so I hopped out there in my skin mod and looking how I've looked all day. Usually for these kind of "fashionable" events, I try to dress up. But I'm not trying to impress anyone.

Within moments of landing, I get an IM:

[14:58] Random Girl: can i hav eyour hairsty;e plz
[14:58] guevara Aristocrat: i want to put it on it look s great
[14:59] Alicia Chenaux: I got it at Magika.
[14:59] Random Girl: can y9o send me onother
[14:59] guevara Aristocrat: plz
[14:59] Alicia Chenaux: No, you have to buy it yourself.
[14:59] Random Girl: ok sorry

I looked at my hair. Just looks like a messy hairstyle to me. Then I started to wonder if it looked like a freebie or something that she'd think she could just HAVE it.

[RLBF was watching me as this girl was IMing me and asked "Well, does she realize what you spend to look like that?" Heck, I didn't realize HE even knew what I spent to look like this. Although today's look wasn't all that expensive since I was using the skin mod.]

But just as I was finishing that conversation, another IM popped up.

[14:59] Another Woman: Cute look!
[14:59] Alicia Chenaux: Thank you :)
[15:00] Another Woman: So "normal" and yet so stylish!
[15:00] Another Woman: Love it :)
[15:00] Alicia Chenaux: :)

So...have I been doing it all wrong all along? Have I been trying too hard? Is it the skin? LOL I don't know. It was flattering, to say the least, since it's really rare that just random strangers IM me to say they like the way I look, but I never thought it would happen twice in a row when I'd barely moved 3 steps.

Speaking of barely moving 3 steps, wow, I was lagged OUT over there. I ended up turning off water and particles and that did seem to help. The items that were on display for sale were lovely, but nothing I absolutely had to have. But I had fun talking to some of my favorite ladies and waiting to see if Aisuru would get eaten by one of the guards after she took her watch off. For the record - she didn't. At least, not while I was there but I got tired of waiting after at least 20 minutes.

After I left, I got lagged out and crashed. So I thought I'd just take time to blog because for some reason, the fact that people liked the way I looked really amused me. Oh, flattered, definitely. But amused. :)

Oh! So yeah, go out to the Black Swan today [sorry, I don't have the SLurl at the moment] and get yourself a watch or necklace. I *think* once you have it, it'll always work, so pretty cool. :)


C said...

It's funny we go in phases.
I'm been in this casual stage lately with hoodies and pigtails.

Gahum Riptide said...

I do wonder if that girl thought that items could just be transferred?

I always wonder about how people dress in SL versus RL. I asked a friend of mine if he dresses prep/business/dressy in RL and he said "all the time". I tend to dress up more than I would in RL, but only because the dressy clothes I want in RL are expensive and I tend not to be comfortable in them.

Still, your avatar looks great even dressed down.