Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Parties and afterthoughts

So the party tonight was pretty fun. I was nervous because I'm used to the people who come to our Hump Day parties, you know? But it was great to have some of the group come out, and to meet some people that are readers of my blog but that I haven't had a chance to meet. :)

I think the funniest part was that I didn't know [although I should have guessed beforehand] that the club had dancers. Well, one dancer tonight, anyway. LOL So when she busted out with her emoting, I think it took everyone by surprise. Luckily pretty much everyone I know is very accepting and very sweet, so what could have been uncomfortable was not at all. :) It was just different. But it was also different to party with people and not be in costumes! I'm so used to seeing people dressed up in themed outfits, it was cool to see them in club clothes. I have very fashionable friends!!

Here are some pictures from the party.


Bella & Ray

Elora & others

Aisuru & Dyami

Bon, Eva, Aisuru, Dyami

And in case you didn't know...you can't take us anywhere. LOL

You know what? GoSpeed had mentioned last week that she felt lonely after a party that she'd DJed. I kinda knew what she meant, but I had months where I was never alone after a party. It was sad tonight going back home by myself. Oh, not that I expect people to keep me entertained. Not one bit! And it's not even that I don't have anything to do because I totally do. I have to work on stuff for my store when it reopens, I have to get some houses down on the land, I have the skybox to work on. I have my inventory to sort through. I have things to do! But a lot of things changed very quickly and I think it's just kind of hitting me right now. I will be ok, and I know that things will be wonderful again one day. [That's right, I am an optimist!!]

But tonight....


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