Thursday, September 4, 2008

WigWamBam! She did it again!

I always get super excited when the lovely Joodle Fadoodle of WigWamBam drops a folder on me because Jojo is seriously one of my favorite designers. I love hand drawn clothing in SL, and she always makes lovely textures for me to wrap around my little pixel self.

First of all, let me share this awesome dollarbie shirt!

WigWamBam - Ohisa top - Dollarbie

This is the OHISA top - OHISA being short for "O-hisashiburi desu ne," meaning "Long time, no see." I absolutely LOVE this shirt! I'd have paid much more than one little $Linden for it. It goes well with shorts, jeans, under casual jackets. It's perfect!! There is also a more see-through version of the shirt, because according to Jojo, she's been feeling a bit risque lately. :)

(I didn't do any PS work on these pictures except cropping, so please don't look at my elbow. LOL)

The next outfit is a combination of the Super High Waist black pants and the Rose Vintage top.

WigWamBam - High pants, Rose Vintage Top

As much as I love low waisted pants (to show off my cute little hip tattoos, of course!), I just love high waisted pants as well because I think they bring out all the right curves. I won't say that these pants are absolutely perfect, as there is a bit of a stretch of the higher buttons, but that really doesn't have much to do with the pants and more to do with SL and the avatar mesh, in my opinion. There are 3 versions of the pants, tight, cropped and loose, and a boot cut. The pants are $100L.

The Rose Vintage top is classic Jojo with a gorgeous texture and a rich splash of bright color. This one happens to show off that risque side and is a bit see through! But there is a shirt and a jacket version, so if you double up, it's not as see through. For you more modest types, of course. ;) This shirt is $80L.

The last shirt is one that I wore almost all day yesterday.

WigWamBam - Deux Zebres

This is the Deux Zebres top, and I think is just precious! It also looks like something I may wear in RL on those super hot summer days - which are coming to an end, thank goodness! I just love the cute little zebras on the front that are there, but not overwhelming the simplicity of the shirt with too much print. Definitely a shirt that will get a lot of use from me! This cute top is $80L.

Jojo has also opened up a website for WigWamBam, so be sure you check that out! And get yourselves over to the store to pick up these items - and more!

In this post I am also wearing:

Skin: 'Scarlet' in Desidelia by Free Speerit
Eyes: Anime Blue by Miriel
Hair: 'Amy' in Platinum by Pixel Dust
Shorts: Jean shorts by M&R Cupcakes [hunt gift, unsure if available for purchase]
Jeans: Inferno 88 in Light by Decoy
Boots: Black BackRibbon boots by J's

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