Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Get to the point.... The Starting Point!

Just to update - Everything in my store has been marked down pretty cheap. Prices are random, but I don't think anything's over $25L at this point. Sale goes until the 25th when I close the store and sell the land.

Now, guess where I'm posing today?

Posing at The Starting Point.

Why, it's none other than the best place for new residents to make their entrance into SLociety! :)

The Starting Point is the brainchild of blogger Tymmerie Thorne and her husband, Jerremy Darwin. They're providing FREE dorm rooms for residents under 90 days old. Their notecard will explain better than I can. :)

"The Starting Point New Resident Dormitory is a free living space for residents under 90 days old.

Residents can live in their own private room for up to 8 weeks rent free. There are ten rooms, each furnished with a bed, pose stand, couch and chairs. Each resident may use up to 50 prims to personalize their space.

Please note that Starting Point is owned by private citizens and is not connected to Linden Labs. We pay the tier for this land. Additionally, members of the Starting Point Helper group are participating on a volunteer basis. We have all decided to do this as a way to give back to the greater Second Life community.

We do have some guidelines that residents must follow in order to live in the community:
* All residents are expected to abide by the Second Life Community Standards. They can be found here: http://secondlife.com/corporate/cs.php.
* We expect that all residents will treat each other and their neighbors in the sim with respect.
* We reserve the right to ban anyone for mistreatment of fellow SL residents, begging, sexual activity or nudity in a common area, spamming the group, or non-compliance with the Community Standards.
* No business or individual may advertise or sell items on any Starting Point land without our approval.

Starting Point has a variety of common areas where residents can mingle and invite guests, including a pool, outdoor fireplace, TV area, various seating areas and Moodle Arena, which we hope to use for educational and entertainment purposes. On Starting Point Island residents will find a tent, hammock and camp fire. The Starting Point Dock will allow residents to rez an air or water craft so that they may explore the surrounding sims. The dock is situated on open Linden waterways. Moodle Freebie Hill has a small selection of free objects that residents may find of use.

All common areas are open to the general Second Life population.

Residents of Starting Point will be a members of the Starting Point Group. They may IM the group to ask questions and get help and assistance. (SPAM will not be tolerated.) However, the timeliness of an answer will depend on which group members are online and their availability to answer.

At the end of 60 days, residents in good standing may move into a vacant Darwin Condo (our rental properties) and receive half-off the first month's rent. (Note: We cannot guarantee that there will be a vacancy at any particular time.)

IM us anytime with questions or to refer potential residents!
Jerremy Darwin & Tymmerie Thorne"

Pretty awesome, huh? I'm part of the Starting Point group and I've already gotten to help a bit! I got to talk to a new girl while I was out there today taking pictures. She was totally doing it right - she's been reading blogs to learn about SL! :)

It's a really great place, I've been having a blast running around out there [although I do seem to be falling in the water a lot...but I think that's just my fault. LOL!]

I think this is really going to be fun!!

The Starting Point


Gahum Riptide said...

You know, that is a fantastic idea, for reals. I may have to pay a visit just to have a look around.

Daila Holder said...

Wow! I heard a little bit about this, but now hearing all the details, it sounds amazing! Wonderful idea.

Casandra Shilova said...

Great post about it Ali!

BTW Tym says they get 50 prims to decorate their room with to give it a personal touch. ;D

Jerremy Darwin said...

Hi Alicia. Thank you for blogging about this. We are starting to get a few applications roll in. We may have to expand soon - lol. Oh, and I was thinking of putting guard rails up on the walkway, but then we thought that falling in the water would help motive resident to learn how to walk better in SL - lol. Hmm, I seem to fall in a lot too... Oh, and there are two hidden areas so far for people to find. Anyone is welcome to stop by (newbies and oldbies). :-)

Unknown said...

Thanks for blogging about Starting Point!! We are so excited about it! The common areas of Starting Point are open to everyone, so come on by and say hi to some new residents!