Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Pirate Party & Pictures

Pirate party went well tonight. Aisuru made a fabulous party boat for us and we had a good time. It was a little hard for me, since this is the first party know. :( But I remain grateful to my friends, who have been so incredibly kind, and let me talk when I need to and be quiet & alone when I need to.

So, here's some pictures from tonight. Not a lot, since I can't always grab a lot of pics when I'm DJing.

Pirate Party - Cen & Me

Pirate Party - Group

Pirate Party - Crap & the gears

Pirate Party - Sai & Bon

You can see more pictures on Asha Brim's Flickr page.

But it was a fun party, went a little long because I had a lot of requests and suggestions, and of course Bone wrapped it up by coming late. In fact, if we'd ended right at 10 like usual, he'd have missed the whole thing since he was 10 minutes late. lol Poor Bone. It was also odd to see the Darwin part of the Thorne-Darwins without his better half there. We missed you, Tymmerie!!

Next week's party is going to be at Sai's store land and is an Asian theme, so that should be fun.

Oh yes, those pictures of me, if you can tell, show me with red hair. Cen and I went to the Frangipani sale on Tuesday night and she said I should try red hair to go with my "Back off, leave me alone" tough girl look. lol It's definitely a different look for me. I was barely used to the brunette hair that I'd started wearing. Thank goodness for that Frangipani sale. I get to try lots of different hair colors for cheap.

Anyway, before the party tonight I was fooling around with my costume and playing on my new pirate ship and threw together these pictures.


Redhead? LOL

Another redheaded picture.

Different, huh? Not bad or good, just different. I think I'll always still be a diehard blonde in SL, but it's fun to play with my hair color.

Anyway, my left eye has been kind of sore today [my allergies have been acting up really badly] so I'm going to go rest now. Goodnight everyone.


Casandra Shilova said...

The party was a lot of fun. Costumes were great! The top picture of you is adorably sexy. Every hair color looks good on you!


Anonymous said...

You look good Ali! I'm starting to think that you can pull off every hair color...
*waits for pictures of you with teal colored hair*

I'm so sorry I missed the party! I had a my outfit too! I hope I can wear it again :D ! You guys look like you had fun so that's great :)

Oh by the way what program do you use to make those borders around your pictures :D ?

*hugs you*
You know I'm there if you need me, though why you would I dunno :D