Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Mini Challenge Topic For Wednesday!

The best part about this every other day challenge is that if you are busy to do it the one day, you can still do it the next day. ;)

Here is your topic:

** In SL, we're often afraid of looking silly. I've noticed this more with bloggers than with anyone else. Why have you made your avatar look the way it does? What does it mean to you? Do you think people respond to you differently if you're attractive? Today, put on something just totally crazy. It can be a funny avatar, a crazy outfit, weird hair, or just some bling-blangin' jewelry. Go out in public, see if anyone has anything to say about it. See if you think of yourself differently if your avatar isn't perfect looking. Don't forget to take a picture of your outfit!! **

[You don't have to stay in the outfit all day, unless you want to!]


C said...

LOL Well this is a pretty regular occurence for me(dressing up silly or odd or unattractive) but yay now I get to have a reason to do it!

Gahum Riptide said...

I did something like that once. While the sim I was in was sort of horror related, I dressed up in my autopsied corpse outfit (bloody pants, the palest abyss skin with cuts ont he face, autopsy scar, bruises and cuts, and bloody hands) at the Carnival of Doom and I swear that one of the carnies yelled to kill "it" as I passed by.

I SHOULD put on as much fiery bling as possible just to see who thinks its cool and who detests it :D

Nuuna Nitely said...
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Casandra Shilova said...

Hi! Finally did this one - that's a wrap for me!!