Sunday, September 28, 2008

It was a great day. :)

I have.... too many pictures to show. LOL But my Saturday didn't go as I'd planned it to go, RL or SL, and in fact ended up being a lot better than I could have guessed. :)

But since I have so many pictures, I won't try to type up a big long post. :) BUT...lots of pictures!!!!

Cen took me to Tempura Island to do tai chi and lay in the flowers because I was all antsy and stressy again.

In the flowers

Then I went to a club to watch Bellalera in a Rat Pack cover show. It was pretty cool, but almost as soon as the show started, I got caught up in rental stuff and then a very much needed phone call. :) But I did get to sit with Ms. Emerald Wynn!

Bella the showgirl!

Dean's - Rat Pack Party

Emerald & me being pretty.

So I finally got around to modding houses for the beach on the part I'm renting out. Afterwards, and after going out to dinner and doing some other RL things, I got bored and started dancing on our party deck. I invited the Ch'Know group out there just for dancing, talking, and inventory sorting. Emerald and Laleeta pulled out their "men" from Weird Shit [oh yes, I said it] and then we decided to take some pictures.

The thing one should ever leave us alone for pictures.

Just dancing...

They have men.

Pretty girls!

Uh oh.

Here we go... LOL

Chuck Norris takes up a whole picture.


Oh dear.

Because we can't leave well enough alone, we had to get into full boxbot avatars and spent some time running around the deck before deciding what to do for the night.

We decided to hit up the Glamour Expo.


(Sorry for the crappy quality of this. If the better one ever processes, I'll switch out.)

Boxbots - On the move!

At the expo

We stopped to dance to "Celebration." This woman just stood there pretending not to watch us.

Don't look the other way!

JamieNoah Breguet of Ci:Di asked us to pose for a picture in front of his shop sign. We willingly obliged. We'd lost some of the boxes at this point because they got sleepy.

We model for you! LOL

Also a special shoutout to Pixieplumb Flanagan of Baby Monkey for being so awesome to us little boxes as we went scurrying past her.

I have said often that I don't think I could have gotten through the past few weeks if not for the friends that I have in SL. Their kindness and compassion to me in times when I didn't even have the words to tell them what was wrong has been wonderful. But it is their craziness and their willingness to go out and be nuts and laugh until we're all crying that keeps me strong. :) I love you guys!!


Aisuru Rieko said...

boxbots ftw! we need to choose random events to crash in boxy goodness.

C said...

Some days just randomly work out so perfect, that's the beauty of SL and good friends.

Yes, I agree, the adventures of the Box Squad are not over yet...

Sehra Kauffman said...

Cuteness, so much cuteness!

Anonymous said...

Boxes Squad to position!
We were so damn cute too!

Gahum Riptide said...

Oh my y'all are hilarious! I'd have loved to have seen little box creatures around my tall-self!