Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Home shopping

I've been keeping myself fairly busy lately with decorating our home. I have been to what feels like every furniture and landscaping store in SL. Twice. Today was actually the first day in ages where I've taken a little time to go pick up some gifts for myself. [Shoes mostly.]

But I've come to a conclusion. There are too many really crappy furniture makers in SL...and I'm one of them. LOL But at least I admit it and don't charge much for what I've made, which is very much my beginner stuff. Not like these people who slap some prims together, put on a freebie texture, and say "$200L and no mod!"

And not only have I run into the crappiest of furniture makers, I STILL have not found the perfect furniture for us. Well, ok, for the picture I have in my mind for us. lol I did end up buying a chair, loveseat, and ottoman, but they weren't really what I wanted. I don't know, maybe what I really want and the quality that I want can't be found in SL. Or maybe I need to just let go of this picture I have in my head and go with what I can find.

Don't even get me started on the people who make plants for landscaping. Sheesh.

I won't give up, though. Just because I've looked at 500 places doesn't mean that it's not at the 501st place I check.


Arabesque said...

Try taking a look at Keith Extraordinaire's profile. He has a collection of plants available for free - not sure what kind, but knowing Keith they will be good! Also I don't know your taste, but Baron Grayson has all kinds of things on sale at his Relic store:)

Heather said...

Yes, I agree Baron Grayson is top notch. Also you might check out The Loft. Very good quality stuff here and very 'Pottery Barn' in style. It seems like when you go furniture shopping, all the stores and furniture start to look alike after awhile. But The Loft is a good one...

Gahum Riptide said...

My favorite furniture store is Melino style, although it's primmy and not very cheap, But, there is use of sculpties so it doesn't look like a "box on box". It's Moroccan and Indian in style though. I also second The Loft. If you like modern, it's a great place, but they also have a few traditional pieces. Abiss Interiors also has some nice modern furniture (you can see some of it in the KMADD shapes store over at KMADD city). Abiss also has a 16 prim hot tub that's nice. Again, this isn't a cheap store.

As for plants, as far as I am concerned, Heart Garden Centre has in general the best plants (although I am non-plussed by their palms). They sell fat packs that have different variations (Usually about 12 plants per pack). Botanical is also very nice, as is Botha architecture.

I'm far more into plants, and my own garden has plants from a variety of sources. One of the mosre surprising ones was Tiki Tattoo has a store with palm trees and tropicals above their main sim. They sell what I think are the most realistic coconut palms in SL. Unfortunately the foliage is not phantom, but I guess that makes it more real (you couldn't easily pass through the crown of a real coconut palm).

Aisuru Rieko said...

theres a lot of uuuugly plants and such out there.the loft is pretty nice, I'm always reccomending Rustica too for furniture. ultimately, the best stuff isn't very cheap.

Gahum Riptide said...

The best furiniture I've found usually is high prim, although Facade Furnishings is low prim but still looks rather good (I just remembered them). I also second Rustica. The styles range from very Medieval to modern, and pieces withd oors and drawers often are functional. I have an armoire and a table with drawers that I can click to open. Again, it's rather high prim, but very well done.