Thursday, September 18, 2008

Lucky Chair Lessons

*taps on the blackboard*

Settle down, kids. It's time for Miss Alicia to give you all an etiquette lesson. Today's topic?


There are some simple, very simple, rules to follow when stalking a lucky chair. Especially if it's a lucky chair that has a crowd around it.

1. Don't act like an asshole.

This includes banging around into people, rezzing big things out to block views, using gestures that spam the screen for more than a couple of lines, or just being generally annoying. Yes, yes, waiting for your letter to come up can be boring, but this is a chance for you to organize that massive inventory, catch up with friends on your list, or meet some people that are standing around.

2. Wait your turn.

If you show up and someone with your same letter has been there waiting, you MUST NOT grab the chair before the first person has a chance. I don't care who you THINK you are. It is very unfair if you pop in and grab the item when someone with that letter has been waiting for an hour. The only exception to this rule is if the person waiting doesn't respond within 1 minute. If you truly want to be nice, if a wildcard is drawn, let someone who has been waiting grab it first, but only if they act fast.

3. Get it and go.

Once you have your item, leave the store. For really awesome chairs, such as the one at Crimson Shadow, there's often a crowd. Once you have the item, you don't need it again, so get out of there and let someone have your spot. Don't put the item on and flounce around in it. [See #1.] And don't stay to grab another. You don't need it, and they're usually non-transferrable anyway.

By following these very simple rules, your lucky chair experience can be a good one for you and for everyone around you. Remember, if you do someone wrong at a lucky chair, you may find yourself blogged about.

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Terri Zhangsun said...

Very good advice, Miss Ali!