Monday, September 29, 2008

Soooo sleepy...but here's a food meme!

Not a lot to say for Sunday because I wasn't in SL all that much. I took a tour of the Ch'Know group members homes on the land a bunch of them seem to be staying on, got caught doing a breaking & entering with Quaintly & Nikki at Laleeta's place, and got Sehra moved into one of the beach cottages I'm renting. Then I took a few hours off to go hang with a RL friend, came back, and sorted through some inventory. Not all that of an exciting SL day. ;) Although I did manage to get rid of over 700 notecards in my inventory. But by the time that was done, my sugar & caffeine buzz had worn off, and I am totally worn out.

But, since I love doing these [especially when I'm not asking the questions!], I decided to do Dyami's food survey before I headed off to bed.

Breakfast Food: Pancakes! But I never turn down french toast, or omelettes, or hashbrowns, or... Oh heck, I LOVE breakfast foods!!!!
Pizza: Supreme, light on the sauce, heavy on the cheese. LOL
Ice Cream: Strawberry. Or peppermint, but that's not always easy to find.
Caffeinated Beverage: I drink diet coke mainly, but I LOVE real Coke. Actually, I really love the Mexican Coke, if I can find it, because it uses real sugar!!
Vegetable: Hmm...I can't pick one favorite! I eat broccoli a lot, though.
Fruit: Strawberries!! Or grapes!
Dessert: Maybe some kind of cake? I'm not really a big sweets eater.
Fast Food Chain: Sonic
Store-bought Beer (or soda if you don’t drink beer): Coke! LOL I hate beer, but if it's the only thing around, I'll just drink what everone else is having.
Type of Cuisine: Mexican, Italian, or Chinese.

As you can see...I'm not picky about what I eat. That IS a bad thing. LOL

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