Friday, September 26, 2008

New Zaara Jeans :)

I woke up today feeling bratty. Well, ok, I was WOKEN UP by the phone, which probably led to me feeling bratty once I was finished talking. But then Strawberry Singh said on plurk that Zaara was releasing new denim today. I love jeans, and I love shopping when I'm bratty, so I ran right over! It was crowded, of course, so I cam shopped from outside. Bratty, see? :) And remember, I'm not a fashion blogger, so you'll probably see these jeans on the fashion feeds reviewed by better people than me. :)

I'm SO glad I went, even with the crowd, because these are wonderful!! Hand drawn, the amazing Zaara texturing we all know and love, and 3 different styles of sculpty prim cuffs! What more could a brat ask for?

Check it out -

The Jeweled jeans in Charcoal.

Zaara - Jeweled Jeans

These are so fabulous. Seriously, I just adore them! The drawn chain belt is gorgeous, the little gold dusted emblem on the back pocket is cute, and I love the slouchy cuffs. I paired it up with the Roman Halter from SecondWave Apparel [another one of my favorite stores] and the Virtue heels from Maitreya that I'd picked up at the Shoe Expo after the girls in my group said I had to or I'd die. LOL They are always looking out for me. ;)

The Jeweled jeans are $165L, but I'd have paid more for them, definitely.

I also picked up a pair of the Classic Jeans.

Zaara - Classic Jeans

Again, I love them. Cute little booty, the wrinkles in the right places, and the lovely cuffs. I'm wearing the Wide cuffs and the Straight cuffs in this picture. The Straight cuffs [which I think should be renamed Skinny since they're not exactly straight] didn't fit my PornStar hightops, so I kicked my shoes off for this picture. :) I paired them with my favorite henley tank top from SecondWave, so thank designer Sioxie Legend for the display of my cleavage. LOL!!

The Classic Jeans are $125L and come in 4 colors. I didn't see any fatpacks for the jeans, but I was only there long enough for them to rez in and I did a grab & run, so there might be the fatpack option and I didn't see it. But if there's not - well, why not?! :)

I'm still feeling bratty, but at least I'm doing it in fabulous jeans now.


Sai Pennell said...


Gahum Riptide said...

Very nice, I like how those look on your avatar!

"Again, I love them. Cute little booty, the wrinkles in the right places, and the lovely cuffs."

I know what you mean, well in my own way :). I have jeans from WMD and Gearshift that I love. The shading is right and both really make any male avatar's ass look so much better. The ones from Gearshift I believe also have sculpted, slouchy cuffs.

Emerald Wynn said...

I didn't think your blog challenge was crappy! Sorry I had a meltdown or I would have totally participated.

I think you look cute in everything.

BTW, speaking of meltdown, note new blog/address -- Google won't give me back my old one. Oops.