Friday, September 5, 2008

A mixture of things

I've been thinking about Linden Lab's new blog post regarding ad farms. Personally, I think it's a fabulous thing - IF it can be enforced. There are many people who refuse to touch even one squashed meaty pixel toe on mainland because of ad farms.

If you think about it, how are these ad farms even worth a cent? When was the last time you wandered past some mega prim, rotating, full bright, prim glowing ad with a spreadeagled woman and said, "Huh. That looks like a cool club to go to." You probably haven't.

So we'll see how this unfolds.

In other news... well, I guess there really isn't much other news. LOL Levi and I are still busily learning what we like as far as decorating and what we don't. In my RL, I'm not much of a decorator. As girly girl as I am, I never got bit by the decorating bug. We didn't haven't even bothered with a Christmas tree the past few years because RLBF and I just haven't felt like putting one up. But slowly I'm starting to like decorating in SL. I can feel myself start to get excited about decorating for Halloween, and then Christmas. Maybe because it's easier than decorating in RL? Or maybe it's because Levi lets me do pretty much anything I want and actually likes it? I don't know. But it's nice. :)

Speaking of RL, I've decided that I want my avatar's body. Well, ok, I'll never be as petite as I am in SL. But my RL butt is getting too large for my own comfort levels and after TWO of my aunts called my mother to discuss my swollen ankles [which I believe is code for "Why is your daughter so fat?!"], I think a diet and exercise program must be started. Who's with me? *pretends to be a cheerleader* LOL

I think I'll go scout out some more furniture shops. Or...go buy shoes. I haven't decided yet.

EDIT: Shoes won, because there's a sale going on at Periquita! [SLurl]


Anonymous said...

Okay I'm a bit drunk but I'll type slowly. I'e lost quite some weight lately and I'm still losing some, so I'm with you Ali. Good luck with that ;)à

Heather said...

Laleeta's typos are cute knowing they are drunken ones.. ;) hehe

C said...

I'm with you about starting an excercise program.

I'm not as concerned with my butt (because no one can see it anyway LOL) but I really need to get more fit. I realize biking with my son that I'm getting really out of shape.