Thursday, September 25, 2008

Wednesday Mini Challenge - LATE, because that's the way I roll. LOL

It really seems like I get nothing accomplished on Wednesdays for some reason. LOL But I finally got my challenge post done. :)

My avatar has not changed very much at all since probably February or so, except for new skins and the fact that I grew by a couple of inches recently. You'd think those couple of inches would make a difference, but in a world where women regularly tower over 6 feet tall, 5'8 is still short.

Alicia looks very different than the person behind her. She's taller than RL me, which makes me laugh since she's still short. She's very petite and dainty, something that RL me is definitely not. I have been asked before why I've chosen an avatar that is smaller than the "normal" sized women. Why am I not bigger? Why am I not curvier? Am I trying to look like a teen?

The answer is.... it just feels right. :) It doesn't matter that dances never fit me, cuddles never fit me, clothes with any prim attachments must be modded like crazy to fit me, and my rings constantly look like they're about to fall off. I'm primarily a blonde because it feels right. The big blue eyes feel like me. The way I dress is the way I dress in the real world, or the way I wish I could.

Alicia is an extension of myself, she is who I am inside. When she appears dark and sad, there's a good chance I'm feeling dark and sad. When she is running around silly and brightly dressed, I'm feeling silly and bright. If she's looking elegant...well, it just means I felt like looking pretty that day and RL me can't walk in heels.

But let's move on to the topic of the challenge - looking silly!

Back before I "got famous" or whatever you want to call this, I used to regularly run around in pajamas at night or wearing something dumb. But things do change a bit when you get recognized once in a while. LOL Oh, they don't change a LOT, but I did start kind of being more aware of how I appeared when going out to sales or something.

For the challenge I decided to go pick up the group gift dress at Ivalde wearing...


I got the dress, and then headed off to hang out around the lucky chair with the others. Surprisingly, no one said anything about it. Either they didn't care, or they weren't paying attention to me.

Just waiting.

I waited for a while, but then I totally noticed something.

The girl in front of me had BLINGING SHOES.

When you're that low to the ground, you notice things, I guess.

Bling. Yuck.

She was also an A name, which came up on the chair as I was about to leave. I let her have it. I mean...blinging shoes. C'mon. LOL

But the best part of any costume is the fact that after you finish wearing it, you can just go back to being you. :)

Looking like me


Gahum Riptide said...

Botgirl Questi has this exhibit where you walk into a transformation booth and are given an object that gives you a random avatar. Her challenge is to go around places you know with it on.

Doesn't seem like that would be a problem for you. It wasn't for me. I get a kick out of looking different sometimes. Which reminds me, I may just have to dress as my opaline budgie tinies avatar to see what people who I don't know think :).

C said...

HeeHee I love when we dress as boxes, and those tiny dances and poses.

Lexis Babenco said...

LOL, you look adorable either way! :)