Saturday, September 6, 2008

A little chattier than I thought.

Ever had one of those days where you just wake up feeling out of sorts? I'm having one of those today. Could be due to me not sleeping very well last night. Could be due to the dreams I had while I slept. Could be due to the fact that I haven't eaten very much lately and what I do eat isn't exactly good. [Did you know you can't live on sporadic bites of mac & cheese and copious amounts of diet coke?]

I'm also now ready to change how my blog looks. Oh, not that it looks bad or anything. But the header I have is really suited more for summer. And of course I'm wondering which template won't break the blog. lol I have a picture I'd like to use as a header but I have to resize to fit and all of that.

This picture isn't the one I'll use for my new header, but it's similar.

By the ocean

And yes, I have been wearing dark hair lately. Not all the time, you'll never get me to give up being a blonde. But for long straight styles, dark hair just works so much better. I'm sure the blondes out there will agree with me. There's no gaping seam line around the head or in the ponytail with the dark hair. Someone said if I just set the hair to full bright, it won't show up on the blonde hair. Yeah, but then my head looks radioactive. I might as well add prim glow and bling and call it a day. If ever a designer can work around that, AND make a decent blonde shade, AND not rely heavily on sculpties or alphas to do it, I will buy out their entire store. Even the hair I don't like that much.

I got to meet up with a blog reader of mine yesterday [Hi Gwendolyn!] for a prim skirt fitting. Well, not that she had much to do. :) Fitting prim skirts or wondering if they look right to others is a pain and a half. I definitely know that from experience. Of course, fitting most any prim attachment can be a pain. I've seen you ladies get frustrated at your eyelashes! [Are you setting your default lash line to 0 before you start trying to fit them? You won't be able to see what you're doing if you don't do that first. The lashes don't have to be EXACTLY on your eyelid. Unless someone's staring hard at you from the side, if they are not exactly touching your face, no one will notice!]

One of the funniest things from meeting with Gwendolyn was that she's taller than me, and apparently when people meet me for the first time, if they are the "normal" SL height, they feel too tall. It's always kind of funny to me when someone tells me that I'm SO short, or asks me if they're just TOO tall. The answer is - I'm small. SL is built on a very large scale. Houses are usually large inside so you have room to move your camera. Furniture is made big. Couples poseballs are designed for a tall couple, not one of varying heights. As someone who has been short in SL from the beginning, I've learned how to compensate. I've learned to adjust prims, adjust poseballs, find furniture that fits. It doesn't bug me much anymore, although it used to.

But, I have been growing a bit lately. Oh, not much. According to my scale, I've grown 2 inches, from 5'6 to 5'8. In SL terms, that's barely noticeable. Of course, then I put on my super high shoes and suddenly I'm 6'0 tall.

Getting taller

For some reason, the shoes also added 27 pounds. And you wonder how I stay so thin walking around with weights like THAT on my feet.

Levi and I hit up the Hair Fair last night, and after a crash, I now have to go back through my groaning inventory and find the demos and freebies I picked up, throw away the demos, try on the freebies, and throw away any bad ones. My inventory is becoming too massive. I'm inching up on 30k very quickly, if I haven't passed it already and didn't notice. But I really want to thank the hair designers that had decent mens hair out at the fair. It's so hard to find hair that looks good for men, which is why I think a lot of them end up all wearing the exact same hair, or just go bald with the painted on hair. lol Poor men. If I ever learn to make hair, I promise to make you all some.

This post came out longer than I anticipated. I need to do some RL things and then head in world to pick out a great date outfit. My baby and I have a date tonight. :) Oh I know, we are together most of the time [not nearly enough in my opinion, but I'm clingy]. But this is an actual date with an actual location to go to. :)


C said...

Although you are gorgeous with really dark hair it always shocks me LOL.

I've never seen you as a redhead I don't think.

Anonymous said...

Looks good Ali :)

Summerlynn said...

I don't post often, but hi!
Welcome to the dark side, muhahahaha, you look good with dark hair. I dunno why but the picture in your header kinda reminds me of Avril Lavigne- but she's blonde now so I dunno why I didn't notice that before.
Oh dear, I'm blathering on, I guess this is why I don't comment!
But you look really good!
*Summerlynn goes back into hiding*