Monday, September 22, 2008


Disclaimer: What I'm about to say may make me sound like an ungrateful bitch. Just warning in advance.

What's with all the hunts lately? It seems like anytime a designer wants to give a gift, they throw together some kind of hunt. I'm hunted out! I want to look at your gift so I can decide if your store is one where I'd like to spend some money, but for pete's sake! Even worse may be those ones with really crazy riddles to send you to the next location to get nothing more than a cheap lamp or just another clue. No thank you.

I've even really stopped shopping in some stores because of their hunts. I start looking for stores that AREN'T doing hunts because they're usually less laggy and I can shop in peace. It's really getting to the point of me just shopping on SLExchange or OnRez.

Now I am a shopper. I will drop thousands in a store if I really really like it, and that usually stems from me really really liking a gift they've given out. But c'mon...not every damn gift you want to set out needs to be in a hunt. And if you're going to do a big hunt, make it worth the time of the people who choose to do it. Dove Swanson of Long Awkward Pose is a good example of someone who did a hunt RIGHT. Fabulous gifts, telling her group about it before everyone else, and not too hard but not too simple either. If she did another hunt, I'd be first in line to go do it.

But then the other hunts... Crappy prizes, things hidden so that if you don't have advanced camming skills you'd never find it, riddles that are so hard you'd have to be in Mensa to figure them out... I don't remember what hunt it was in the past couple of weeks [only because there's been 25,000 of them] but I heard both in my group and from others that it was SO HARD that some of them had been at the place for 2 hours and had only found one or two things. And what about the hunts with over 50 gifts?? Spread out all over?? Then they get mad when people post the locations? Give me a break. You don't want people posting the locations, don't make it so hard that people give up. That's not good publicity. LOL

I don't know. All these hunts are leaving a bad taste in my mouth and keeping my wallet closed.


Anonymous said...

*curls up in fetus pose and cries*
Thank you for posting this, THANK YOU!
I'm sure your voice will be more heard than mine ;)

Cath said...

Sure, hunts with clues and riddles are not always fun, but you can have fun when you do it with a friend (in fact, thats how me and my SL best friend actually got to know more about one another by spending time hunting for tiny boxes with riddles). But I must say that, lately, all i do are the hunts for which I got cheat sheets.

Terri Zhangsun said...

Here, Here! It is about time someone said something!

Dove Swanson said...

A friend posted me this link to come read. Awww! :D Thanks for the nice mention!

Glad you liked my poop! :p

Heather said...

I thought it was just me. I'm terrible at hunts and I give up easily. Well, I've only tried 2. But I couldn't even find the first clue at Miriel if that tells you anything about my skills.

Asthenia said...

I actualy dont think you're being an ungrateful person. I like hunts, if the level of difficulty is appropriate... I think of it as a fun little game.
I only like to add some things: please say HOW MANY items we need to search & WHERE to search (in the store, the sim,...) oh & not prizing your box to 1 linden, thankyou!

Writ of Hocus Pocus said...

I don't do hunts anymore either Alicia, unless I love the designer already. I don't have a lot of time in SL and when I am there, I don't want to spend it being frustrated about a hunt. :)

Anonymous said...


I never bother with hunts unless there is a cheat sheet an a decscription or picture what's inside the object.

HUNTS ARE NOT FUN they are frustrating.

It would also be good if the stores showed a teaser or an ad of what we can find in the hunt, so we don't end up doing it and not even liking what we get.

Anonymous said...

From a business view; hunts are great if you're a new designer and you want to attract the crowd to introduce your products. From a buyers view; most hunts are crap. They ruin it for the fun/good ones.