Saturday, September 20, 2008

Food art? Art art?

Earlier tonight Cen told me she had somewhere to show me. She teleported me over to the "You Are What You Eat" art exhibit. [SLurl]

At least, it's supposed to be art. This is from the notecard. Antoine Lancaster is the "artist."

"In 2001, I was running a company. To keep some sanity through the madness of management, I decided to document everything I ate.
From January the 1st to Decembre the 31st, I took pictures of everything I ate.
This project is a sort of journal or portrait. Even though you can't see me, you can still learn a lot about me by watching these pictures."

Um... This is art?


I mean, I know art is in the eye of the beholder. lol What's art to one is just a mess of pictures to another. But I don't get it. What's the point? There were some pictures where it looked like in the middle he was like, "OMG, have to take a picture!"

But I guess Cen said it best.

"Dude, just eat the orange."

Just eat the orange.


C said...

I confess that I'm often no sophisticated enough to "get" art, both in RL and SL. This exhibit was interesting though, in a way he's right that although I never saw him I did get some idea about what he was like. I suspect he eats in cafeteria's a lot and as time went on he got into a salad phase.

Anonymous said...

It conveys something about him I guess, you get to learn about him without the obvious
'Hi, I'm Julie, and I like to listen to rick music' stuff.
To me it is so much more artistic than the millions of photos of Second Lifers photoshopped so much their nose is invisible that all look the same.
But each to their own, what makes this less arty than a portrait?

Anonymous said...

This is more of a performance art type of thing. Not so much about the final product but more about the process.

For me, art needs make me feel or think or, hopefully, both.